Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Day like Today

Happy Hump Day Everyone.  I hope this has been a great day!

  As I sit at my desk...I am aware that this blog post will be a little challenging for least in the beginning!  I must make a confession! 

I really have made a promise to myself to be completely I have said in previous posts.  My inclination is to always be upbeat in this blog and stress that I am truly inspired and motivated on this Journey...and I am...that is true.  At times, I have posted about a few aches and pains, exercise struggles, etc...and I really don't want this blog to become a "dear diary" documenting all of my struggles.  However, I do think that it is important to share the "real story" about this experience for me.  Not necessarily for anyone else but for an attempt to "get" whatever it is I am supposed to "get" on this deliberately chosen path.
 I have created this place (blog) as a place I can share my inspirations, successes, blessings, funny moments..etc...but it also has to include the harsher realities, my not so successful moments, my struggles and the obstacles that I am and will be facing along this Journey.  Not because I enjoy sharing those...but because it is part of the truth.  It is funny...a friend of mine calls Facebook...Fakebook...because she says (in my words) it is a place where people can "post" the most positive aspects of their lives and not include the messy stuff....I even have friends who complain about negative facebookers...I must admit...I do like the lighter side of FB...but this is not FB....and life, in fact can be messy and wonderful and chaotic and glorious all at the same time.
 So...having rambled enough about that...HERE is my confession...I AM HUNGRY and REALLY TIRED!!!!  That may sound really funny...and it is...but it is also the first big struggle I have faced beyond making the decision to start this Journey...and quite frankly...that seems easier than this last couple of days. 
I really don't know that I have any specific words or analytical thoughts about why I am feeling this way now...there are professionals for that...I just know I am hungry, tired and feel the need to say that out loud and in print...for documentation purposes. :)

It brings me back to a thought I originally had about why I am choosing to blog this Journey though...I am a people person...I love me some people...and I need contact with people as a form of support and accountability...I am motivated by that...I am inspired by people's stories, actions and accomplishments! 

Years ago, Donna shared a story with me she had heard about a little girl who was afraid to sleep in her own bed and her parents, in an effort to get her to stay in her bed at night, told her that though she could not see them, angels were protecting her and keeping her safe.  So one evening, the little girl got out of bed and came into her parents room.  She told them that she was afraid and needed to sleep with them. They both reminded her that Angels (God) were protecting her even though she could not see them and she replied (and this is my favorite part)..." I need someone with skin".

I love that and it makes perfect sense to me...

So in an effort to move through this moment of struggle...I have found a few things that are inspiring, fun and serve as a good motivator for someone like me on a day like today. 

This is a great story about an absolutely amazing little girl!!!!

CNN does this segment about daily distractions...stuff that distracts us from our daily routines...This is cute and funny!

THIS next link is about how I am going tackle the rest of this week:  Gangnam Style

Before I go...I have a really cool blessing to share.  Kristen (my co-worker and friend) has worked really hard on designing and ordering the t-shirts for our TEAM MAWA (Firefly 5K).  She completed the order last week and she received this email today from the company (CustomInk) that will be printing the T-shirts.  It reads:

I noticed that you designed t-shirts for an upcoming charitable effort. We think it's terrific that you are participating in such a worthy cause! CustomInk would love to help you reach your fundraising goal by making a donation to your team.

Please reply to this email with either a:

• link/URL to your individual or team sponsorship page
• mailing address where I can send a check and to whom I should make the check payable

I look forward to hearing from you soon. And thanks for choosing us to make your special t-shirts!

Warm regards,

Here is Kristen's response...which is really wonderful as well! 

Wow! We are so honored!

We are not only supporting the Houston Food Bank (the benefitting charity), but supporting our friend, Jaime, on her journey to lose 120 lbs in the next year. She was inspired by Misty May and Kerri Walsh during the Olympics (hence the term MAWA) and decided to change her life and be able to play volleyball again. This is her first 5K and most of our workplace is participating to support her. We wanted shirts that matched to set us apart as we walked the Firefly 5K here in Houston. Jaime is beyond thrilled at your offer! She thinks it's amazing to see her life-changing decision spread and affect others.

 The fundraising webpage for the Firefly 5K, benefiting the Houston Food Bank is You can make a donation in general or choose to sponsor a certain runner.

 If you would like to hear more about Jaime's journey, "Fight to Light", she has a blog that she updates daily at

Thank you so much for your generosity! It really means a lot to us, as such a small group, trying to make a difference and support Jaime on her very personal (and very public) journey to be healthy.

I AM BLESSED...and AMAZED...EVERYDAY...even on Days Like Today!!!!


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