Thursday, October 4, 2012

Progress equals Success!

Hello to all and I hope this has been a good, healthy, fabulous day for all.  No early posting today...So sorry for the late hour.  I continue to find the idea of a healthy Balance a major theme in this Journey I am on...achieving that is actually proving to be more difficult than laying off the bad food and adding a consistent exercise program to my daily life!  I am working on it though...trying to maintain a healthy schedule to meet all of the needs of this "new life" and still stay employed and sleep at night! 

So...I went to work out tonight....another hour on the bike (interval training)...worked on legs and hobbled home...still snap, crackling and popping!!  Though I will say I really do think it is getting easier (not sure these aging knees would agree)!..But, I did get a close parking spot at the Y...and yes, that is important to me...I can go in and ride the bike and sweat like a piglet...but I do NOT want to walk across the parking lot after my workout...go figure!!!

Tomorrow is weigh in #7...and again, I am a bit anxious.  I do think that this public weigh in idea was genius though...because each week on about Wednesday...I begin to feel just a bit of pressure to "perform" so to speak!  I work out a little harder just to make sure that I drop a pound or two!  I like to think of it as healthy motivation!! 

So here is a quick progress report as we near the end of Week 7. 
  • I am averaging a weight loss of 3.0lbs per week in the 1st 6 weeks.
  • I have increased my cardio exercise from 20 minutes to 1hr per session.
  • I am working out a minimum of 4 days per week.
  • Instead of taking 15-30 units of short term insulin per day...I am taking less than 15 units per week
  • I  take 50-60 units of long-acting insulin per night.  Was taking 110 units per night (6 weeks ago)
  • I have blogged every day of the last 6+ weeks.
I have attached an article about healthy weight loss that I stumbled across on  Good idea of how to manage sustainable weight loss!!!

I am pleased with my progress and feel so blessed to have so much support.  Again...I can promise you that this is all God's plan and my success is directly tied to ALL of the support I have received.


Thank YOU ALL!!!!!!


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