Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and the Elliptical

Hello to you Followers of the Fluff....It has been a busy day...busy at work, volleyball practice with the kiddos, workout after volleyball, dinner, blog posting...whew!!!  I am feeling the burn this evening!! 

Again, I am REALLY trying to push through this bit of a plateau...Tonight, I really pushed to get my heart rate up a little more quickly and then maintain the higher level for a longer period of time.  I am attempting to integrate the Elliptical into my cardio workout...However, the Elliptical feels more like I am having a Cardiac vs. Cardio workout!!!  You guys may get really tired, really quickly of me and my new relationship with this piece of equipment!!!  The Elliptical is the Devil!!! 

Moving on...Lindsey...one of my fabulous (young) co-workers...has got me working out every afternoon (we do 5-7 minute workouts...abs, legs, arms, etc...) Now, Kristen and Amanda have joined us.  It is fabulous and a little bit hilarious...here we are...in our business duds...all 4 of us in an empty office...often on the floor, doing leg lifts, lunges, crunches...you name it!!!  Today they all got to hear the noise my knees make when I try to do lunges!!!  Nice!!!  Seriously though, they are a great support to me.  I have said it before and I will say it again....Another great blessing as I motor along on this Journey!!

Balance, Balance and more Balance....I found this article today about a direct correlation between a lack of sleep and weight gain...No Wonder I am Fluffy...Do you think I could just a take a really long nap for the next 10 months and wake up skinny????  Teasing!!!!  Anyway...here is the article!

I have not ever done Yoga...I call it Yogurt!!  But...Amanda sent this to me today...I thought it was worth sharing for all of you office dwellers like me!

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday...So much to do...So little Time!  MAWA!!!

Hear is a song that I LOVE...Love the message, the vocal and the music!!! Hope you enjoy!  Have a great Wednesday!  Let's Keep On Moving through Week 9...Inspired, Blessed and Ready to Clear all hurdles!!!


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