Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 11-Countdown to Mini-Goal

Hello to all and I hope you have had a wonderful Sunday!!!  I took today off from workouts and both Tone Tone and I slept in today.  We both were wiped out from the busy day yesterday.  Once we got up, had lunch and got dressed it was 2:00 in the afternoon!!  Today was all about looking for my Halloween costume.  My entire office dresses up for Halloween...really...just about everyone gets into the act!  It is fun! 

Don't worry...I will post pics of this year's costume...It should be quite a sight! 

We got to visit great friends today and finished all of the Halloween shopping.  Enjoyed the visit Brig, Brian and Jillian!  Great friends and a great (unexpected) visit! 

This is WEEK 11...41 weeks to go to reach my goal of losing 120lbs.  I gotta keep pushing, keep believing and keep my head up and my body moving! 

I continue to get wonderful support from family, friends and even got another message from the unbelievable Kerri Walsh Jennings! 

My first Mini-goal ( to finish the Firefly 5K-benefiting the Houston Food Bank) is Saturday!!!  One week and I will be strutting my stuff along with 14 friends and family members at Reliant Park. We will be sporting our fabulous team shirts and hopefully be finishing the 3.1 miles with pep in my step!!!

I am ready for, workout, getting ready each day for another new experience, more amazing moments along this Journey and the opportunity to do each day differently than I did the last one.

Before I go...I just watched former Houston Astro Hunter Pence win a World Series Championship with the San Francisco Giants!  Congrats to Hunter and thanks for another dose of inspiration!! 

Have a wonderful week and God Bless You!!!


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