Friday, October 19, 2012

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

OK...So weigh in #9 has been a bust!!  I got up today...weighed in and Nothin...not a dang lb gone!!  But... do not despair...the Fluffy Girl fully expected this...was not sure when but knew it would happen.  My Mom told me so!!!
You can imagine after working out as much and as hard as I did this week that I am mildly disappointed.... but not discouraged!  Being a 45 year old, pre-menopausal, slow metabolism havin' girl has its downside...but I still am choosing to believe that I can hit my 120lb goal by August of 2013.

I am going to continue to work on my daily food stuff, continue to work out diligently and  continue to work to achieve a healthy balance in my daily life.  I know this is possible...I am not 100% sure why I know it is possible...I just do...It's a God thing! 

I have a few new things that I am planning on trying in the next few weeks...I will share those things along the way.  This is a long Journey and there will be many days like this. 

Here is what I believe...Obstacles are made to be overcome...conquered!  Admittedly, sometimes challenges seem insurmountable and God knows, I do often forget that I have the strength and courage to overcome by the Grace of God.  Here is what I prayers are answered!  I just have to be still and listen. 

I am NOT working out body is super tired...and my old, aching knees want a break!  Below is a pic of me after my workout last night...LOL!

The Firefly Run is only a couple of weeks away...not too late to join us...(pester, pester, pester)...Here is the link:

Volleyball tonight: Go Lightening Strykers!!! 

Busy weekend...there will be lots to post this weekend.  Have a truly Blessed weekend!  Remember, WE SHALL OVERCOME!!! 

Here is a little parting music!!!  :)


  1. No lbs lost = no lbs gained!!

  2. My kind of music!!!.....enjoy that busy/good weekend. A.C....go Strykers!!!!!!