Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fluff Removal Continues we are at Thursday....Tomorrow is Friday and Weigh in #9...I have really been pushing in my workouts this week so we shall see if I get to see any results from that this week. 

My Co-workers and I just finished our 10 minute yoga workout...I like it...I can't touch my toes just yet....if my toes were actually on my ankles...we would be in business!!  But....I liked it! 

Last night I did this weight loss workout program on the recumbent bike....OMG!!!!!  I was huffin and a puffin....I truly believe that the folks around me thought I was going to drop dead!  One man in particular looked horrified!  I hope I did not scar him for life...watching a fluffy girl workout can be traumatic for some!  :)

Today...the Fluff removal continues...I like to think of it as Fluff Remediation!!!   I will work out again...this will be 6 straight days of workouts...You Go Girl!!!...if I do say so myself!  I am hoping that my creaky joints can hang in there one more night..then I will rest on Friday! 

I was thinking today...If I could take the lbs that I lose and actually create another me...then I could probably get all my work, activities, housework, life stuff...done on time for once.  I could call the recycled me...Frankenfluff!!!!  A little (very little) Halloween humor for you....Your welcome!!! tomorrow is another busy day.  Another opportunity to work on maintaining a healthy balance, eating well, being positive and trusting God's plan!  It is an opportunity and it is work...but I continue to be amazed at everything that is going on around me!  Almost 10 weeks into to this Journey and life is so much different.  I just needed to be ready...Now....I AM READY.

Tomorrow night is Volleyball Night...My girls had a good practice and I am hoping they are fired up for tomorrow night. 

I continue to send Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings updates and a few little tidbits of news as I go along.  As you know, Kerri has responded several times but...I have yet to get a response from I shall continue to have that fun little goal to work towards....
I still feel so compelled to share this Journey with others and as I go along it feels like there is a much bigger purpose to all of this...beyond the benefits for me and those that are joining me in this Journey. 
I really would love to take what I learn from this and translate that into something that benefits others with the same struggles.  With as much emphasis as there is on children and "childhood obesity" ( a term that I truly loathe) would be great to contribute/help organizations that believe in building our children UP instead of tearing them down with negative labeling!!!    Give them great, fun ways to get healthy!  Laugh...enjoy being a kid!  I STILL enjoy being a kid and I am 45!!!!

Just thinking out loud!  Anyway, that is it for today.  Happy Friday to all....Happy Weigh In...Happy Volleyball, Football....Weekend...whatever makes you smile!!! 

Blessings Abound!!!! 


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