Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Surviving Halloween

Happy Halloween to all....I hope this day has been FANTASTIC!!!!  We had a great time today at work...Everybody really out did themselves in the costume department.  We had some GREAT costumes!!!
As part of our Halloween tradition at work...we also have food...lots of yummy food, sweets...etc...
I did good though!  I had mostly healthy fare...stayed away from the really fattening foods and still had a terrific time...despite my genuine love of food...I was able to really enjoy myself without over-indulging...who knew!!!
After work...I headed to Donna's to go trick or treating with the Divine Ms. Em...she was a peacock this year...she looked adorable!  The neighborhood they live in is like Halloween Central!  Lots of kids, parents, decorated golf carts, a real block party kind of atmosphere...I always really enjoy it.  We ate dinner before we left the house...I still behaved having some grilled chicken in lieu of our annual chili cheese big deal. We walked 5,000 miles ( OK...maybe only 4,995)...the girls loaded up on candy and Emily rationed one mini Baby Ruth bite as my Halloween treat...that was it.  She cut me off!  I was good with that.   I tried to take some good pics today.  I will probably post a few more tomorrow...

It was a great day...lots of fun and I Survived Halloween...MAWA!!!!

My Co-Worker Lindsey and I were LMFAO---She was the Shufflebot and I was a combo of RedFoo and Skyblu!  FooBlu!  Linsdey and her husband made her costume!!!!  Mine was made in China!

My two Co-Workers, Kristen and Claire were the Sesame Street Martians!  Hilarious!  They made these costumes themselves! 

Emily was a beautiful Peacock!!! Her eye makeup was "professionally" done!  She was quite proud!

More pics tomorrow...The Fluffy Girl is Halloweened OUT for tonite!!!  I hope your evening was filled with fun!

Here is one last little Halloweenie thing for you!  See you tomorrow!!!!  Two days until the 5K.....MAWA!!!!

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