Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and "Winning"

Hello and Happy Friday...It has been a great evening.  My Lightening Strykers played their last game tonight and though they did not win the match...It was the best game of the season!!  They played a great team well and they played their best!  Can't ask for more than that!!!  Don't get me wrong...they were not supremely happy that they lost ESPECIALLY after playing so well...but man...there are so many lessons to learn from doing your best and not "winning"...cause when the WIN does is amazing!!!  Whatever that looks like...whatever it is! For me...sometimes the Win is in the effort!!!
There is a lesson in that for me too...You see...I have really been working hard at this whole Journey 120 thing and well as you all know...I have hit a plateau of sorts and like I have said...I knew that this Journey would not be simple or even though I did not feel like I was "winning" (I am no Charlie Sheen) last week...this week feels pretty good!  WEIGH IN #10 DOWN 3 MORE LBS!!!  YAY!

More Victories...More Blessings...WINNING!!!

Coaching these girls in a sport that I love and am striving to play again (well)...has been a gift!  Just one of the many gifts I have gotten in these 1st 10 weeks!!!  Watching them get better, try harder, and really want to win...FANTASTIC!  Such Inspiration!!!

Tonight my girls gave me cards and a very special volleyball!!!

Isn't that the coolest!  Thanks to my BFF for getting the girls to sign the ball...Love that!!!

I am looking forward to Week 11...Looking forward to new experiences, new blessings and new victories!

Firefly 5K is ONE WEEK from Tomorrow...Start praying now!!!  I am gonna need as many prayers as possible.  LOL!!! 

Have a good rest of the evening and there will be more to talk about tomorrow.  Busy day...starting with a workout in the AM....Hugs to all!!! JLP

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