Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stay Focused-Stay Grateful and Stay Positive

Hello to all!!!  I hope this Saturday finds you doing well and enjoying this beautiful least here in Houston! 

I rolled out of the rack around 8:00 AM and headed to the park for another 3.1 mile test walk!  The last time I did the full 3 miles it took me a little over an hour and my face looked like a giant beefsteak tomato!  My plan for this morning was to complete the full 3.1 miles again and hopefully not have the whole tomato look going on...So...I walked the full distance in almost the exact same amount of time as I did the first time...a little over an hour! can decide for yourself, but I think I am looking a little less tomato like!

It was absolutely fabulous outside this, crisp and a thin layer of dew still on the grass.  Was able to clear my mind and enjoy the weather and the walk.  Here is a quick little view of the "back stretch" of the 1.5 mile trail I like to walk.

After my walk...went home, iced down the ole knee and foot, showered and Mom and I met our friend Nettie for breakfast...I did really well at breakfast (despite being surrounded by pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, etc....).  I got an egg white omelet with spinach and a little turkey with a bit of Swiss cheese.  It was good!  Oh...and fruit...I love me some fruit!!!
Once done with breakfast, we ran a couple of quick errands and then off to the Judy Dierker Foundry Fall Craft Show....WooHoo!!  One of my favorite things about Fall...are the Fall festivals, craft shows, etc....LOVE them!  For those of you that don't know...Judy Dierker is the wife of long time Houston Astro pitcher, coach, announcer, etc...Larry Dierker and they are members of our church, Foundry United Methodist.  The craft show raises money for Cy-Hope, a non-profit organization created from the congregation and leadership of our church, local business leaders and local schools to provide assistance in multiple ways to at risk youth within the Cypress Fairbanks ISD.  It is a really great program! 

We met up with Donna and Emily as well as a few other friends and truly enjoyed the afternoon!  By 4:00 PM or so though...the Fluffy Girl's feet were screaming....SIT DOWN!!!!  So...we left..headed to the dreaded grocery store for  few things and now I AM HOME!!!

Great day...Great way to start Week 10 of this Journey!  I have received so many messages of encouragement including another message from the fabulous Kerri Walsh Jennings!!  Really so motivating to know that I have friends, family and a 3-time Olympic Gold Medal winner supporting me!!!  To borrow a phrase I have heard/seen Kerri Walsh use...This is RAD!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and enjoy tomorrow!  I will be thanking God for the opportunity to live this Journey...and I will be praying for the strength and courage it will take to stay focused, stay grateful and stay positive. 

Journey 120-MAWA Inspired!!!!

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  1. No tomato red on the face....just a healthy glow; a good picture of you.
    Way to go, sounds like you are ready for the "Firefly"! A.C.