Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fluffy Girl and Laser Tag

Hello is LATE....Sorry for the late post!  I had a super busy day and a 60th Birthday party to attend tonight.  My BFF's husband Bill turned 60 in Sept. and due to inclement weather...we just had his party tonight.  Tailgating and Laser Tag!!!  Yes...the Fluffy Girl got her Laser Tag ON!!!!!  I love it..It's is not a bad workout either.  AT least not for required running, hiding, sneaking, shooting and I broke a sweat!  Works for me!

I started out this morning with an hour on the bike, did a little circuit training, grocery shopping, picked up Bill's cake, dressed for the party, played two games of Laser Tag, hung out with friends...played with kids, talked politics ( a short conversation for me)...and now I AM DONE!!! 

It is funny...this was a busy day and I am a "good" tired...Not a sick tired.  That is a welcome change!!  Normally I would have had to push through exhaustion, headaches, body pain etc...just to hang with the rest of the crowd and all the physical activity would have not been possible.  Though I am still coping with some of these health body is getting much stronger!  I am grateful!

This is going to be a short blog post...I will probably ramble on about Laser Tag more tomorrow...LOL! 

Tomorrow will be church, workout, Halloween costume shopping and home...No Texans tomorrow. 

The Longhorns squeak by...and The NEW BOSTON LIONS REMAIN UNDEFEATED!!!!  Go Teague Boys!!!!

Here's to a happy, healthy, joyful Sunday!!!


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