Sunday, October 14, 2012

Double up Sunday-Victory Bound

Happy Sunday Evening to ALL....I hope this day has been filled with fun, family, love and worship!!  We were minus a child today for Tone Tone and I went to the late service and then out for a healthy lunch!  Seafood!  Donna and I planned to swim today (late afternoon) so I decided to work out at the Y before heading to Donna's. 

I did about 45 minutes on the bike...had a protein bar and headed to pick her up to head to Lifetime Fitness (where she is a member) and swim some laps.  Our indoor pool at the Y is being rehabbed so I have been unable to swim these last few weeks.  Boy...could I tell!!!  Again let me say, swimming is hard!  A great workout though.  I did about 20 minutes...not too bad.  Just trying to really keep moving this week.  Trying to add a few new things to each day and push through what feels like a little bit of a plateau. 

I greatly enjoyed my time at the club with Donna and Emily...great motivation to have my peeps with me on this Journey!

A little inspiring news today.  Donna's husband Bill (who just turned 60 last month) took 2nd place in his age group (and finished better than the entire age group below him) in a mini-tri (300 meter swim, 10 mile bike ride, 3 mile run)...Quite impressive...Way to go Bill!!!! 

More Inspiration:  My cousin Kathy and her husband Dennis have lost 20 and 19lbs, respectively!!!  Way to go you two!!!  MAWA!!!!

I think I will stick to my first 5K for now...maybe next year, I can Try a Tri!!!

The message in church today was about letting go of the past, forgiving those who have hurt us and looking forward knowing that God has chosen our path and that the future leads to Victory.   I really love the word means so much.  This Journey has already been filled with so many Victories and there are so many more to come! 

Let's go get Week 9 knowing that God is with us and Victory is ahead of us!!!!

Last call for TEAM MAWA T-shirts!  Orders will be turned in tomorrow.  The price of the shirt as of now is a little over $17.50 ...if there are additional orders, the price will drop further!

Happy Monday and Happy Week 9!

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