Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fly with Eagles or Walk with Turkeys

Hello to all....I hope all is well and that your day is going well.  Since I have taken a vow of honesty (lol)...I must say that today is not a good day...Nothing earth shattering and certainly not worth whining about...but, it has been a rough morning and I am REALLY having to work on making an attitude adjustment. 

For those of you that know me really already know that I can be a little high strung and have been known to have a temper...not always well controlled!  I truly work at controlling that lovely aspect of my personality after years of learning the hard way that going down that road is usually a pretty bumpy ride!  Today...well today...I am being tested! 

 Now let me say...that there are probably numerous factors that have lead to my crankiness today and I fully expected to have cranky days in the process of changing my eating I take responsibility for that!  Here is the thing...I had an exchange with a complete stranger who happens to work for the same company I do (in another state-gratefully).  It was just one of those moments when I am completely caught off guard by someone...the truth is...the subject is completely irrelevant.  He responded to an email in a way I thought was demeaning and condescending when a simple " no" would have been sufficient.  Who knows what is going on with him and God knows that I can be sensitive and somewhat intolerant of negative "tone of voice".  But what is important to that I must recognize this about myself and do my best to make adjustments so that this complete stranger does not impact the rest of my day and more importantly, that I do not misplace my anger on others.

 So far that has been a little rough and believe it or not...I am going to tie this right back into FOOD!  I have been known to "eat" through my anger...stuff my feelings by stuffing  my face! :).  For those of you that are not emotional eaters...that probably sounds nuts...but unfortunately, it has been my experience.  Now here is the tricky part...If I don't snack through the grouchiness...then I must deal with it in a grown-up, responsible way....yippee!!!  So today, well today...I have tried  doing things differently.  Not perfectly...but differently.  I have chosen to listen to some calming music, focus on my work...disengage from complaining (though I did get several minutes of that in earlier) and make an effort to put the events of this morning into realistic perspective. 

In the middle of my earlier complaining and displeasure with the guy who sent me the of my co-workers sent me this via instant messaging..

Fly with the Eagles, or walk with the Turkeys...

It is my responsibility to rise above the little daily things that don't go well and focus on the things that support me in being a better person, a wiser person and an overall healthier individual.  Though it may not seem that this is that relevant to trying to lose 120lbs in a is critical for me.  I have to learn to deal with emotional situations in a way that supports a responsible response to stress....without eating to distract from the stress.  I contend not many people really enjoy discussing feelings and responses to stressful situations and I must admit this whole post is somewhat uncomfortable to share...for a number of reasons AND...for me, it is necessary. 


I will continue to be willing to be willing...willing to embrace every part of this Journey...even the less than stellar days and trust that God's plan for me will continue to fall into place. 

Despite my somewhat gloomy posts (the last 2 days)....Please know that I am still inspired and truly EXCITED about moving forward in this Journey and will continue to FORGE ON!!!!

We are mid week in Week 8....Weigh #8 in 2 days!!!

Below is a quote from one of my favorite singers of ALL TIME!!!

"Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong."-Ella Fitzgerald

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