Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Laugh and Lose

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  I am forging through this day today...looking for ways to laugh and lose...Laugh and Lose...I like that!

 I have a vision of taking some sort of cardio class only instead of the teacher being some svelte, super toned, fit and fabulous is a big, sloppy, fluffy comedian, eating a donut and spouting one-liners about how hard it is to lose weight...OK so  maybe that is not one of my best ideas...but I am finding that if I can find ways to lighten up during this trip down skinny is just SO much better! 

Truthfully, sometimes the energy it takes to be driven is outside the scope of my reality! motivators are often funny little things that happen along the I was not going to share this on my blog because it is a bit gross...but it did really happen and I did crack up...I am on a recumbent bike at the Y on Monday and I am next to a somewhat elderly gentleman who was plugging along on the bike just as I was.  He was probably 75 or so...and well...let just say he had some digestive issues while first, I was unsure that I heard correctly.  You see I had head phones on and was watching TV as I peddled..when I began to hear something...a really loud given that curiosity kills the cat...I took off my head phones so that I could further identify the source of the noise...when I realized that with just about every push of the pedal...He was BURPING...(you thought I was going to say something else....didn't you).
I do not mean little, polite burps...I am talking about rip rattling burps...and the best part is that he DID NOT CARE!!!  Pedal-Burp-Pedal-Burp...for most of the 20 minutes he was next to me.  NOW....Of course, I wanted to laugh!  Here is the thing though...I actually do not particularly care for gross humor unintentional or intended!  But this struck me so funny!  However, I did not think it would be appropriate to laugh hysterically in his I was forced to channel that unspent laughter into my workout.  So while my geezer friend next to me pedaled and burped...I just pedaled harder with tears rolling down my face.  He was so happy and content!  Gratefully...his digestive woes did not go any further than burping...
So...the next time you are at the gym...look for a kindly, older gentleman and park  yourself right next to him...maybe you will get lucky and he will serenade with his golden tones! 

After work, I am off to the gym for a date with the Evil that is the Elliptical!!!  Pray for me...I sooo need it! 

Here is a little funny before I go:  This made me cry!!! Laughing!!!

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. ~Orson Welles



  1. I was actually relieved when you said "burp"...that had to be too funny!
    Laugh and lose, yeah!! A.C.

  2. Freakin hilarious!! No way I could have stayed next to that!