Sunday, November 4, 2012

Barkin' Dogs

Hello and Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone has had a splendid day.  It has been a beautiful day here in Houston...Lots of sunshine and not too warm!  Mom, Emily and I started our day with Church and then Mom and I struck out northward to Montgomery to see our buddies Stef and Patsy and Jen!  We met them for lunch...(I ate healthy) a cute little place in the bustling metropolis that is Downtown Montgomery :)!  We chatted for several hours...short for us and then headed back home!  Good times...Good times!  Love them!

When I woke up this morning and my feet hit the floor...I felt a little stiff... My dogs were barkin! But not too bad though for a Fluffy girl.  My right foot has been a little persnickety...but a little ice and a day off from workouts should do the trick. 

Again, I cannot tell you how great it felt to accomplish something that I know I could not have even attempted 2 months ago...NO WAY...Again, I know that 3 miles is not some Ironman distance..but when your body has been broken down and not maintained feels fabulous to experience the change and know that I am moving in a direction that will lead to better health and a better life. 

I again, must thank all of you that walked with me (even though I know some of you could have finished the race light years faster)...I must thank all of you that donated to the Houston Food Bank on behalf of our team and for all of you that continue to encourage this Journey!  Like I have said before...I could thank you everyday and it would not be adequate. 

So this week begins Week 12...My plan is to work out Mon-Thurs and Sat.  I am hoping to have a few interesting new articles to share this week and will post a few more pics from the race. 

There will be another Mini-Goal announcement.  I will finalize the details and will be posting it on here as soon as I have finalized the plan.

Please keep it in the back of your head that we are planning a charity Volleyball game for AUGUST 17TH 2013...I know it seems like a long way away but I want as many people to be there as possible.  More details to follow!

I hope everyone is ready for another great week.  My goal for this week is to Be Inspired and Be an Inspiration.  Reach out to more people...clear a few more hurdles and kick some weight loss butt!!!


Let's have a great week..."MaWa Inspired" Journey 120 is moving on.....

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