Thursday, November 29, 2012

Staying out of overwhelm

It's Thursday and I am counting the moments till Friday...I am ready for the WEEKEND!!!!  The Fluffy Girl is having visions of being a part time couch potato this weekend.  I doubt that will truly happen...but I am ready for a little down time. 

It is funny...I noticed a big difference in how I felt after taking a few days off last week.  I have a tendency to think that I have to push, push, push...and unfortunately, it feels like that is the truth.  It feels like I have to keep pushing each day just to lose that one or two pounds per week.  I guess on some level it is true but...there is something to be said for rest.  I felt more energized after taking a break!

The hard part for me is sorting through all of the information available these days and finding the right combination for me.  Most resources I have found typically suggest exercising 4-6x per week for individuals like myself who are trying to lose another human being!!  So...with the exception of the 1st few weeks of this Journey and last week, I have generally been working out 5 days per week.  This obviously leaves me with 2 days per week for truly resting my body.  Additionally, there is a virtual cornucopia of additional data that offers suggestions/recommendations on how to eat post workout, how to  stagger calorie totals during a week to maximize weight loss, how much protein, goes on and on and on....A Fluffy Girl could get overwhelmed...I try to stay out of overwhelm!! 

I have spent the first few months of this Journey just trying to eat healthier, move more and truly believe that this is possible.  Now that I am a few months in and I am coming off of a weight gain week, I just want to make sure that I am giving myself the best chance I can to succeed.  Having an audience is a motivator, these mini-goals keep it interesting and making sure that I stay out of the whole deprivation thing...cause that is when it gets easy to cheat!! 

So I am not sure what the true point is to my above ramblings...that is just what is on my mind today.  Trying to stay on track, make good decisions, keep my focus and ENJOY this experience for all that it is teaching me. 

I am still looking for suggestions/interesting ideas for mini-goals, work outs...whatever you got...I am ready.  Don't be shy now...share your thoughts and suggestions...

I have about one week until the Rudolph Run and my goal is shave a little off my time...Get a little more pep in my step!! 

My clothes are definitely feeling a little baggy...When I started this, my BFF told to take my measurements...which I did NOTdo...Now...I kinda wish I had...I am pretty sure that I have lost quite a few inches...but...not sure how many...You were right Donna!!! 

As we roll toward my favorite time of year...CHRISTMAS!!!  I have decided to share a little "ditty" below.  Hope you enjoy!

Tomorrow is Weigh in #15...Wish me luck!

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  1. Don't get overwhelmed! Over time, you will soak up all the knowledge and get better and better each day. can always start taking measurements NOW! So...tomorrow, when you do your weigh in, you should post your "starting" measurements. I have an email somewhere from my boot camp instructor that tells what part of your arm and leg to measure, but if you measure the same spot every time then you're fine. That's my challange for you for tomorrow :)