Monday, November 12, 2012

Mini Goal #2

Happy Monday to all.... is getting closer and closer to a major eating holiday....Thanksgiving...Turkey Day...and in my family we do some serious chowing down...I LOVE Thanksgiving!!!  I love the fact that it kicks off the Christmas season...or at least it used to..Now it seems that Halloween kicks off the Christmas Season...even too early for a Christmas lover like me! 

I am mentally preparing for food challenges on Thanksgiving!  My Mom and I are planning on taking a few things that provide healthy options for me on Thanksgiving!  My Mom is making a healthier version of Green Bean Casserole...I am not sure EXACTLY how she is planning on preparing them...but here is a recipe I found and thought I would share:

I really want to look forward to time with my family and friends and NOT focus so much on food...A real challenge for a Fluffy Girl!  But...I don't want to fall behind on my goal either.  I am planning on working out 5 days this week and working out each day before Thanksgiving.  I am also planning to workout at least 2 days of the 4 day weekend.  I really must stay on track!! 

I found a couple of additional healthy Thanksgiving "sides" recipes and thought I would share... make sure that I stay on track...I am announcing Mini-goal #2!!! 

I will be doing the Rudolph Fun Run 5k on December 8th at City Centre in West Houston.  There is a link below that gives a few basic details.  I am looking for folks to join me!!!  The more the Merrier...Warning...I will be wearing a Red Nose!!!! 

I will send out a sign up link later in the week!!  For those of you that missed out on the Firefly Run...this is your opportunity to join Team MAWA for race #2.

I hope all of you that are following me or are participating in your own Journey will keep me posted on how your are doing and if you have any tips, recipes for the holidays or just fun things to share...please do so.  I love hearing from you guys!!! 

Have a great evening...I am off to the gym here in a bit!!! 


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  1. Another good cause and FUN RUN/WALK!!!!....A.C.