Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Lighter with Every Step

Well...It's Monday...has been all day!  I hope it was a good day for all of you...I am trying to clear my head...literally and find a way to motor through this work week.  I am feeling a bit better today..though am finding myself fading as we speak.  I am going to give working out a try this evening.  I am guessing it will be a relatively light workout!  But I gotta keep movin!!!

Going to the grocery store this evening to purchase our Thanksgiving groceries...and get ready for the long weekend!!  Looking forward to all of it!!

We finalized what we are taking for both Turkey day and the trip to New Boston...and I am proud to say...the focus is still on eating healthy, exercising and hopefully, laughing my butt off....again, literally!!!  Speaking of eating healthy and laughing...I ran across this today and thought I would share...Drunken Donuts (not a typo)...made me laugh out loud.

Lindsey shared some funny/cool stuff with me I thought I would share it!!! 

 I'll be one of those really slow zombies

I really like this next picture and saying...I like it because I need to believe it is true...


 I hope you guys have a good evening...I am hoping Week 14 is a successful one!!! MAWA!!!!

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