Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 12 Weigh In-Plateau City

Happy Friday to all...This has been a really crazy, busy, emotional, stressful week.  But...I am still Blessed and still plowing ahead on this Journey! 

I decided today was a good day to provide an update for those who are just joining us!  This will be the Reader's Digest Version...If you want ALL the just gotta read ALL the posts...:)

  • I decided on August 17th 2012, after being inspired by the Olympics and specifically, Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings, to start this Journey to lose 120lbs in one year
  • I decided that in order to do this...there would need to be some accountability...So I started this blog documenting my daily progress.  Warts and all.
  • One of my other goals was to play volleyball again in a full on game on August 17th 2013
  • Strangely enough, I decided to post my weight on this blog for all to pressure!!
  • I sent the link to this blog to tons of people and I continue to do so...I took this accountability thing seriously.
  • I started working out (slowly) and began by walking 1 mile...joining the YMCA came next
  • I decided to "Tweet" to Kerri Walsh and Misty May...weekly updates on my progress since they were the inspiration.  Kerri Walsh responded within the 1st Week!!!!
  • Amazing things began to happen immediately...the support came pouring in and I was reminded how wonderful my family and friends are!
  • I knew immediately that this Journey was much more than just a Journey to lose 120lbs but an emotional and spiritual Journey as well that needed to be God Driven and God Centered.
  • My Co-workers rallied around me at work in amazing fashion
  • My Mom, Aunts, cousins, etc...stepped up big time and have been hugely supportive
  • By the end of August I dropped below 270lbs and my workouts were getting better and I was getting stronger
  • I continued to hear from Kerri Walsh...A-MA-ZING
  • In September...My walking distance increased, I kayaked for the 1st time, I began to increase the intensity of my workouts
  • The support continued and I continued to blog EVERYDAY
  • I had a few rough days...BUT Continued to be "MaWa" Inspired!!!
  • Lindsey (one of my youngster co-workers) came up with the idea to do a Team MAWA was born
  • Kristen (another youngster Co-Worker) designed T-Shirts
  • We chose to do the Firefly 5K...a race benefiting the Houston Food Bank!
  • By the end of September...I dropped below 260lbs.
  • My diabetes began to improve dramatically...
  • I continued to get amazing support, messages, name it!  God continued to work in unbelievable ways.
  • October brought more messages of support from Kerri Walsh!!! AND more messages of support from my Amazing family and Friends
  • In October...the idea was born to turn this Volleyball game in August  of 2013 into a charity event...Hopefully raising money for Kerri Walsh's Foundation and for a local charity within the community in which I live!
  • I continued to have my good days and not so good days...and STILL felt INSPIRED!  MIRACLE!
  • I coached Emily's Volleyball Team and loved every minute of it!
  • I walked 3 miles for the 1st time in preparation for the 5K
  • Lindsey orchestrated afternoon 5 minute workout sessions at the office
  • On Oct. 19th...I hit my 1st weight loss!!! 
  • I played Laser Tag for the 1st time and LOVED it!!!  Not a bad little workout either!
  • I survived the 1st "eating" holiday...HALLOWEEN!
  • November 3rd, I completed my 1st 5K with the help of my Co-Workers, Mom, BFF and her family!!!! Really awesome night for me!
  • My scale died...and I had to purchase a new "evil" scale that caused a slight alteration on my weigh in chart!
  • The announcement of new Mini-goal is soon to happen
  • I got another really kind message from Kerri Walsh just today!
  • Down 24lbs
  • Only 8 months to go!
As I finish this quick update...I realize that this does not even remotely cover all of the really cool, amazing things that have happened...but it does provide the basics. 

I am so looking forward to the next 8 months and to all of the experiences that lie ahead! 

I continued to be inspired, grateful, blessed...and all that good stuff!!! 

Despite the sadness this week held...there is one thing that I observed.  My friends....those friends that have been in my life in some capacity for a better part of 25-30 years...are some pretty amazing, funny, intelligent, kind, loving people.  We may not spend tons of time together...but the time we do spend is GOLDEN!!! Plus...they always laugh at my jokes...that does not suck!!
 I have been blessed with so many great friends during my 45 years...I absolutely cherish every friendship with all of my heart!  I have learned something from each one!

OK...Lucky Week 13...Here I come!!!  I have to kick start this body and keep pushing, keep believing, keep living and keep losing!!!

Say a prayer for me tonight...I am going to be locked in an arcade with 100+ 6th, 7th and 8th graders for a Band/Choir/Theater Arts Middle School Lock In...Crazy Fluffy Girl!!!

Here is a little fun inspiration to leave you with...

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