Saturday, November 24, 2012

Never Moving Backwards

Hi to is REALLY late!  We traveled most of the day....Got to New Boston @ 2:45 pm....went to a pep rally for the  boys at 3:30 and had to leave for the game at 5:00...drove about 45 min. to Mt. Pleasant for a 7:30 pm kick off...
The New Boston Lions won 40 to 7...and The Teague Boyz had a great game!!  It was COLD! 
I LOVED EVERY MINUTE.  Something so uplifting about watching high school football in COLD weather.  Watching those kids play their hearts out....inspiring! I was not able to post my weight today...I can't seem to access it via won't be surprised to find out that I gained 1.5lbs....Yep!  Post Turkey Day poundage!  But...I can live with that...not thrilled but not shocked!

I will be working toward better results for week 15! 
I did my weekly check in with Kerri Walsh...she sent a great message reminding me to keep pushing...she said "you are never moving backward, even if it feels that way a bit!"...LOVE HER....What an awesome human being!

I also received a few really great messages of support and words of encouragement from some people who have successfully taken this kind of Journey....INSPIRING!  Thank you!

Ok...I am attempting to attach a few photos...hope u enjoy!  I now must sleep! 

Photos are of the boys, their Area Champs trophy, Tone Tone and I freezing, and the Pep Rally.

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  1. YEA!!!!! Way to go W&W.....and way to go"J" wasn't just Thanksgiving, you've been sick and couldn't'll rebound next week! Continue to have fun!!!!! A.C.