Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tips for Turkey Day

Hello to everyone on this chilly Tuesday.  I hope all is right in your world.  Today is busy as usual.  Busy at work...Busy working out...you know the story by now.  I must admit.  I think that some days you guys must think...blah, blah,  blah...It is rather difficult to be interesting everyday....Trust me!

So since we are approaching Thanksgiving...I thought I would continue to post about some healthy eating tips..mostly for myself...but if you guys find it interesting and useful...wonderful! 

My friends and co-workers Lindsey and Kristen attended a luncheon today where the guest speaker was a local nutritionist that often does nutrition spots on KSBJ, a local christian radio station.  She spoke today about how to eat healthy during the Holidays.

Her name is Catherine Kruppa and she is a licensed dietitian, nutritionist etc....

She gave several tips including a sample menu, for a healthier Thanksgiving.
 Now you must know that there is the part of me that thinks...Healthy and Thanksgiving are two diabolically opposed words and should never be used in the same sentence...however, I must admit, creating less emphasis on food and more emphasis on the Thanks and Giving parts seems like a good plan considering my goal this year! 

So here are some of her tips...including the menu!

Revised Low-Fat Holiday Meal

6 oz white skinless turkey                                    260  Calories
1/2 cup low-fat stuffing                                        100  Calories
1/2 cup fat free gravy                                             55    Calories
1/2 cup low-fat mashed potatoes                           85    Calories
1/2 cup green bean casserole                                106  Calories
1 roll (no butter)                                                    80    Calories
Low-fat pumpkin pie                                            135  Calories
GRAND TOTAL                                                 821 Calories/128 grams of fat

She also gives some tips on how to make existing Thanksgiving favorites less fattening.

  • Choose a plain turkey that has not been pre-basted
  • Use butter-flavored Pam and chicken broth for basting...No Butter
  • Skinless white meat...better than dark meat
  • Gravy and natural juices can be loaded with fat
  • Use fat free mayo, yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream...for dressing, dips
  • Avoid high fat dishes...fried foods, stuffed foods, pastries etc...
  • Use light butters in stuffing, potatoes, veggies and gravies
  • Cook stuffing in dish...not in Turkey
  • Use Skim Milk...evaporated milk instead of cream/whole milk in recipes.
  • Use reduced fat pie crusts or low-fat graham cracker crusts
  • Cut sugar in your desserts by 1/3
  • Replace nuts with grape nuts
  • Replace whipped cream with low fat cool whip or Rediwhip
Also, she provides a few tips to do that will keep those of us that struggle with overeating from overdoing it...

  • Don't skip breakfast
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand-i.e. popcorn, pretzels, fruit, crackers, veggies, baked chips and low-fat dips
  • Do not keep high fat desserts in your home
  • Plan extra exercise around big meals
  • Eat a snack before dinner...pass on appetizers and extra bread
  • Don't munch on leftovers...fix a plate of food so that you will know how much you are eating
  • If you go overboard, don't starve yourself the next day.  Get right back on track, exercise a little more and watch your portions and fat intake.
All of the above information was provided by Catherine Kruppa, MS, RD, CSSD, LD
Advice for Eating-Nutrition and Wellness Consulting

Like I said, Mom and I are planning on making a few healthy options for our day with Family!  I am looking forward to seeing my family and spending time laughing with my aunts, cousins,etc...we love to laugh---maybe I will even lose a pound or two just laughing!!!

Thanks to Lindsey and Kristen for sharing the info they received at the luncheon and thanks to Lindsey for sending me this neat little saying!!!

I hope you guys have a great evening...I will be heading to the Y tonight for another work out and hopefully another step towards de-fluffing!!!

I DID  come up with a Thanksgiving mantra that I will share:

Instead of over stuffing...I will work on De-Fluffing!!!!

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  1. And remember, it's a holiDAY, not a holiweek or holimonth. You can have your favorite holiday things for one day (without going too overboard), but even if you splurge miserably, it's just one day. Pick it back up the next and continue on with the program. Too often we get derailed by one bad day, but really, it's not that big of a deal. One day of bad eating may add 500 calories to your week. A week of bad eating might add 3 or 4 thousand. I'm guilty of it. It helps to keep it in perspective when you look at it that way, though. Good luck, Jaime! I know you have the will power to push past the temptations and eat as healthy as possible through the holidays. You can do this!