Friday, November 2, 2012

Death of a Scales....Man!

Close your eyes and imagine the haunting sound of TAPS playing in the background...Dum Ta Dum...Dum Ta Dum...Dum Ta Dum Dum Ta Dum Dum Ta Duuuuummmm...Yes...I am afraid that I have some bad news...The Fluffy Girl's Scale broke...fazoot!  It was a sad goodbye...nothing!

So today marks the end of an era it appears...the era where I had a scale that gave me 5lbs (less) than reality...I love that giving and generous when it came to weight loss...

NOW...enter the new scale...sleek, transparent, brutally honest.  EVIL!!!!
Say Hello to my little friend!!!
THIS scale says I weigh more...MORE than I originally thought.  THIS scale is requiring me to revise my weigh in numbers for Week 11...This evil, shiny new scale says that I must amend my previous weigh in...BUT....I refuse to fully succumb to the new scale's reality. 
So we have reached a compromise...I am revising my Starting weight to reflect what I weighed last Monday (when I received the new scale) but since the new scale was not around at the beginning of this Journey...It could not possibly know what I weighed on August 17th 2012 (though it would be easy to surmise it was MORE than I originally thought). 
 So my weight loss total will remain the same...but my actual weight will change from this point forward....that must be the way it new weight is posted in the right hand margin as usual...but you will note the change.  I weighed in last Monday and my weight loss for the week reflects how much I weigh after weighing on the New....Evil Scale on Monday morning!  Confused Yet????  I am!  So having said all of that...I lost 1.5lbs this week!
I am still on track to lose 120lbs...I am still working for that goal...and No Evil shiny new scale will deter me!!!  I will not be stopped!!!! 
Tomorrow is the Big Day...My first 5K!!!! Woo Hoo!!!  Team MaWa is ready and so am I.  I am truly looking forward to it.  I have my KT tape ( to tape all ailing joints--in other words I will be a Mummy)...I have a plan for tomorrow.  I am picking up my race pack today and I will be pounding the pavement tomorrow!!!  I should have good pics....before and after!!!  Please say prayers for Team MaWa!!! 
I hope you all have a terrific rest of the day and a wonderful, blessed weekend!!!!
Next week I will be trying to maintain my on my problem areas both phsically and mentally...and I will be MOVIN and SHAKIN!!!!
Song of the DAY!!!


  1. "I Like to Move It".....what a fun work out song! The new scale could be fibbing and the old one RIGHT!!!!!....either way....all GOOD, Fun wishes for all of you Firefly walkers/runners. CharChar

  2. Good Luck tomorrow!!! marbear