Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time to FIRE UP!!!

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!! I hope it has been a great holiday weekend for everyone..Great time with family, friends, traveling, good company and of course, great food. 

Tone Tone and I just got home from our road trip to New was great...relaxing, fun, lots of laughing and a beautiful drive home.  We got to see some Christmas lights on the way home which we both LOVE and again...the Fall colors were particularly beautiful. 

Now...I am ready to get back down to business and push hard through Christmas.  I would love to have a few more weight loss feathers in my cap before Christmas rolls around. 

I LOVE Christmas...every single thing about is filled with inspiration, love, kindness and giving...I want to "feed" off that Spirit throughout this entire Journey!

Tomorrow is back to work, back to workout and back to kickin some serious hind end...Time to FIRE up the "MaWa" inspiration and Forge ON!!!  Again, I received some really great supportive tips from several friends and family over Thanksgiving weekend and I greatly appreciate each and every one. 

Thanks to Julie,Jeff and the "Men" for making us feel so welcome in their home.  Thank JUJU for all the healthy snacks and for creating a "no temptation zone" for me!!!  I appreciate the thoughtfulness!!  Thanks Wil and Jake for giving up your rooms...especially the comfy beds!!!  GO LIONS...State BOUND!!!! 

Here are a few pics...just random playing games, the drive home and Jefferson, TX (love this little town).  If you have not ever had the chance to drive Texas (particularly East and Central/Hill Country) back roads in the Fall or gotta give it a go...wonderful!


Also, I have included a link below for the RUDOLPH RUN...December 8th...(Pester, Pester, Pester)

Here is another random CNN video...reminded of my great grandmother (she liked to give the little kids in the family a taste of lemon and watch their expressions)

Watch out Monday...Here  I Come!!!

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