Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Little Fluffy Girl That Could

Hi...Hope everyone is well...I am STILL at work...remember how I am always talking about Balance...well, I suck at it!!!  LOL!!  Missing two days of work because of the upper respiratory infection has turned out to be No Bueno!!! I have so MUCH work to do...  I need another ME....Maybe not...then I would have to lose 240 lbs!!!!  Never mind.

So....I MAY need to re-focus my efforts...this week has not exactly been goal focused.  I am hoping that my body is in full recovery mode and I am hoping that the 4 day weekend will help.  I really had it in my head that I needed to work out at least 2X BEFORE Turkey Day and at least 2X over the weekend...so far...that ain't happenin'.  So...I will not be negative and instead I will work with the time that I have left and move forward...I think I can....I think I can....I think I can....The Little Fluffy Girl that Could!!!!

I will not be

I must maintain:

OK....so you get it....I am SO ready for Thanksgiving break...I may be a little:

I am looking so forward to spending time with my family...driving Texas back roads, Texas High School Football and:


See you guys tomorrow...I think I need to catch a few:

Good Night and:

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