Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not your Average Joe

Hello and Happy Sunday evening to all...I hope today has been a great day for all. 
I am still fighting off this very nasty upper respiratory is stubborn!  Unfortunately, Tone  Tone is feeling bad too...I had a bad feeling she may get this!  It is hard to live in the same house and NOT get a virus like this one...definitely a potent virus! 

I have done a few things around the house today...just  a few and boy, I have been doing some huffin and puffin!!!  This week is going to be really busy leading into Thanksgiving so I am hoping to bounce back tomorrow! 

I would like to get a few workouts in before Turkey Day as well.  Tone Tone and I will be headed out of town the Friday after Thanksgiving...headed to New Boston to cheer on the NB Lions...the UNDEFEATED NB Lions in their 1st playoff...Nothing like Texas High School football playoffs on Thanksgiving weekend!!!  LOVE IT!!!  I am hoping we are both well by then and ready to roll!!!  We are both looking forward to  it....Maybe I will pump  iron with the Football boys...NOT!!!! 

Remember....the Rudolph Run is Sat December too  can be a part of TEAM MAWA!  The link is on Friday's post and is on my facebook page as well.

I am trying to be ready for this week...just not 100% sure my body is with my prayer for this week is that  my body and mind can compromise and that we all make it through the Holiday relatively unscathed. 
The truth is that I am not known for my rebounding skills...with my chronic health issues...I often take longer to recuperate than the  average joe...So I must admit that I am having to really fight not feeling a bit defeated...sounds a little dramatic when I write it...after all it is just a cold...but I have to keep motoring in order to accomplish this goal and I do not want to be derailed by a cold..."Ain't nobody got time for that"  So...I am hoping and praying that I can get back in the saddle again....and Forge ON!!!  MaWa Inspired and ready to tackle the next mini-goal! 

I look forward to seeing my family later this week and spending a great Thanksgiving weekend with the Teague family!!! 

Please say a prayer for our sickly household!!!  :)

Hugs to all!

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