Saturday, November 24, 2012

Walking in New Boston

Happy Saturday...I hope you all are having a great day!!! A great Holiday Weekend!!!! I know I am!  I needed a change in scenery and a change of pace!! That is one of the reasons I love coming here to New is nice to be in a small town with a slower pace and people I love!!!  Sweet. 

So...I slept until almost NOON today...YEA for ME!!!  I was soooo tired I guess and the beds up in here are soooo comfy...:)   Mom and I are always threatening to move in here every time we visit!!!  I know the Boys would be more than happy to give up their rooms...NOT!! 

We had lunch...sat around...laughed and talked...just a completely CHILL kinda  day.  As I said in an earlier post...I really wanted to get a some exercise in while we are here..It would be pretty easy for me to just lay around...I do that really well.  However, I want to make sure my body does not forget what we are trying to accomplish here.  After being sick last week and my crazy work schedule plus Turkey Day festivities...I did not work out last week....thus, I can promise you, my body is already kicking into shut down mode.  SO....My JuJu and I headed to the city park and did a 2 mile walk!  It felt great...the air here is really cool (about 54 degrees) and the fall colors are really great.  We got to talk and the 2 miles went really quickly!!!  I really enjoyed the walk and the company. 

So far the rest of this afternoon has been spent wisely..watching and talking football with Jeff!!  AS IT SHOULD BE!

Tonight will be game playing...Jake, Wes, Wilson, Hayley, Julie, Jeff and Tone Tone and I!  We love us some games!!! 

Thanks to Aunt Charlotte and Aunt Lois for reminding me that my not working out last week most likely contributed to my 1.5lb gain and not just Thanksgiving dining!!!  They both always send me great messages!!!  Love them!

I am looking forward to the rest of the weekend and to having a great week 15!  I am ready for my next Mini-Goal...Looking forward to the walk AND I have a couple of ideas for another mini-goal for a little later down the road....I am actually really excited about one in particular but need to firm up some plans before I "officially" announce it! 

I am prepared to run (or at least walk) as many miles as I need to!!!!  MAWA!!!!

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