Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Suit Up and Show Up-God has the rest

Happy Election Day...I hope all of you took the time to vote!  Every vote counts!  I early voted this year and I am so glad I did!
  I am feeling a bit sluggish today...stayed up late and have been quite busy today.  I must work out tonight.  I did not work out on Sunday and ended up not working out yesterday...so Today is a MUST! 

Stress eating has been looking really attractive over the past 24 hours.  Again, I am reminded that I must really work hard to NOT stress eat. So strange, how much it feels 2nd nature to me.  Clearly, I don't mind talking about feelings or sharing them...at least to some extent...but if I am being honest, and God knows I am trying, it is just easier to stuff my face and my feelings at the same time!!!!  I do know that the consequences can be huge...but unfortunately, at times, it still feels easier to just eat something! 
This is not the easiest thing to write down either...knowing that some people just do not react that way...food is not their crutch...and it is certainly judged by many to be a terrible weakness.  One of those "you had a choice" kind of problems.  But reality is...It does not matter what other people think or how they judge...it is a real, daily issue for  me and I purposely chose to use the word FIGHT in the title of this blog...Because I knew it would be one.  No use in sugar coating!!!!  Though sugar is wonderful!  This is a fight...a good fight...but a fight nonetheless. 

Here is the good news...I do not feel defeated or overwhelmed or ill prepared.  I feel like fighting and for that I am grateful!  So while life continues to throw challenges my way...I am Blessed and I am protected.  All I must do is suit up and show up....God has the rest! 

So I will work out tonight and then I am headed to spend some time supporting my friend Amy!  As it should be! 

Have a good night and again please Vote!  It is a wonderful statement to the Freedom we all share by living in this wonderful Country.  Regardless of the outcome of this election....I plan to pray for God to touch the heart of our President, to lead this Nation with a compassionate heart and I pray that we, as a society, remember that we are ALL God's creation and that hate, anger and greed can only destroy what makes us unique.  I will be working on that myself! 

Good night!

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