Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wake Up-You have a long way to go!

Happy Wednesday!  I hope this mid-week finds you well, happy and healthy!  As I have said before...I love people...I am a "people" person.  I find what people say, how they perceive things, etc...interesting, amusing, insightful, inspirational!!  So last night, I was sitting in the locker room at the YMCA changing clothes and getting ready for my workout!  I must admit that I was a bit tired and as I was putting on my shoes....I YAWNED really big...Just as I did that, this older, very fit, brisk walking, gruff woman complete with head band and head phones goes walking by...She notices my yawning and says "Wake Up-You have a long way to go".  Now...she was (I am pretty sure) acknowledging that I was just putting ON my shoes and that my workout was yet to begin...HOWEVER, my funny interpretation was a little different. 

I actually love little moments like this...moments when a complete stranger says something that means one thing to them and something completely different for me!  So having said that, when she spoke those words...they were funny on the surface and even funnier to me!!!  How profound!!! WAKE UP...You have a long way to go!  Amen Sista!!!!  I do have a long way to go...I must remain conscious and AWARE....AWAKE on this Journey.  There is too much that I might miss if I nod off!  So thank you gruff...funny stranger...thank you for the reminder!!! the only hindrance to me staying awake today is that I woke up with a cold!!!!  I started feeling a little coldish last night and today...full blown, snot having, sneezing, hacking, cold!!!! BUMMER!!!  I am at work though...sharing my germs...NICE!  I am going to workout tonight...and then home to bed...I must conquer this cold quickly! 

In the immortal words of Sweet Brown..."Ain't nobody got time for that!"

So I am forging on...MAWA Inspired and no nasty cold will slow me down...or at least not today!!!!

I hope you all have a great rest of the day and I will meet you back here tomorrow! 

For those of you taking your own Journey...Thank you for sharing your Journey with me and thank you for the inspiration of your hard work!!!

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