Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Row, Row, Row the Fluff

Here we are mid Week 16...I think...It is really getting a bit challenging to keep up with the weeks.  I hope you all have made it over the Hump on Hump Day.  I am at work...Surprise!! 

I am hoping not to be here till all's to HOPE!!!!  So last night...I changed up my workout a little.  I started with the rowing machine...interesting...a little difficult...but I liked it.  I did about 10 minutes of rowing and then on to the bike for another hour.  It was a good workout...the rowing machine used an entirely different set of muscles and some of mine are not all that thrilled today!! LOL!  It does not take much to remind me that my body is middle-aged!  I am telling you, sometimes my brain forgets.  I decide to try something new and I sashay right over to the new machine...rowing, elliptical...whatever...I hop on and  body says...Not so fast Fluffy!!!

  My BRAIN says...this is got this...but the ole body begs to differ.  Now here is the kicker for me...sometimes as I am trying to master one of the new machines (particularly the Evil Elliptical) and invariably someone will step up right next to me...someone typically much older than I am and just start motoring!!!  Some of them are even reading, chatting with their neighbor (not me)...NOT breathing hard while I am completely sucking wind and sweating like I am in the Sahara!!! Now I try not to compare myself with others...but I must admit that when I am working out next to a 75 year old who is smoking me on whatever apparatus I am on...well...let's just say it is a bit damaging to my ego!!! HA!

But I figure they typically are not carrying around another person in the form of Fluff!!!!  So...I just keep going for as long as I can stand it and sometimes a little beyond.  Not too beyond biggest fear is that I will pass out and one of those 75 year old butt kickers will have to save my about an ego buster!!!

So...I am off to the gym...I MUST...I MUST....I MUST DECREASE MY FLUFF!!!!

Thank you to those of you who sent in some suggestions for Mini-Goals and Workouts for the Fluffy Girl....Keep em coming....Remember, we are brainstorming!!!

See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Yes, I have 2 posts tonight. This one is more appropriate to this blog rather than Thursday's blog. So I went to the gym tonight and got on the Evil Elliptical. Apparently, when I told you that I "loved" it, my body had not been on it in so long that within the first 3 MINUTES I was having a hard time breathing. So I finished 20 minutes with a 5 minute cool down and I must say, I'm not proud of my 14+ minute mile time. I'm pretty sure something was wrong with the machine b/c I remember doing 3 miles easy the last time I was on one. Machine #2: The "SWEARMASTER." I see these people casually doing the motorized stairs and am like ppsshhhh...I can do that. So I get on, which mind you was a challange for the short girl I am, and I start at level 5. Cruising, this is easy, level 7...OMG I'm supposed to do this for 10 min and it is lasting forever...level 5...what am I thinking...level 3...ok, now I see why the guy next to me is hunched over his swearmaster and looks like he's in slow motion trudging through sludge...level 5...I got this again...OMG only 5 minutes have passed?!?! Lessons learned from the swearmaster: (1) ALWAYS HOLD ONTO THE HANDLEBARS (2) yes, it feels like a treadmill in which you know there's an end behind you and you don't want to be the fool who slips and bashes their head on the machine (3) while you're thinking about not falling off the end of what feels like a giant MOUNTAIN, be mindful of where your foot is on the step b/c the front of your shoe WILL get eaten by the steps if you're too far forward (again, continue holding onto handlebars) (4) always a good idea to watch how others get off the machine. That's all and I just want to say that all of this is your fault but thank you for making me work out :)