Sunday, February 10, 2013

As My Body Shrinks...My Heart Grows

Happy Sunday to all!  I hope today has been filled with blessings, fun, family and of course, tons of

We started our day typically..Church...with a very grouchy, sleepy and less than enthusiastic 12 year old! She brought her friend Riley at least she had someone to help her  through Confirmation class.  In Emily's defense...she was running a low grade temp.  My girl suffers with allergies from time to time!!!  Anyway, after church we took the girls home and Emily gave me my birthday present.  She made a small latch hook rug for me with a rainbow and a heart!  Very Sweet!  She was very proud of her too! 

So now typically on a Sunday after church, we go out to eat...however, the "cleanse" changes things.  I was starving!  I made a shake for breakfast..but by lunch, I was ravenous!  I am talking clear the area, take cover, do not get in my way kind of hungry!  The kind of hungry that greatly diminishes my ability to be patient and well-behaved.  So having to go home and cook...well that pretty much sucked!  I did though!  I made a sauteed squash, onion, organic tomato soup with a fresh garlic.  Not too bad.  I am doing it. I am making the effort to take it ODAT and hope that at the end of this metabolism is rockin'. 

So after finally getting a little food in my belly...I felt like I could get a few things done around the house!  Did that... then I went for a 2 mile walk in Donna's neighborhood...It was nice.  As I have said before, I like to walk without music.  I like the opportunity to be noise...other than the sounds of Sunday in the "burbs".  Lots of birds, kids, squirrels, dogs barking, an occasional leaf blower or lawn know...just neighborhood sounds.  I find that I can walk and kind of immerse myself in this kind of quiet.  I can think...pray, focus, say an occasional hello to a passerby...I like it!  It is peaceful to me.  Not really truly quiet...but definitely peaceful. 

As I start this "detox" of my body...I am reminded that it is just as important for me to maintain a healthy mind and spirit.  Almost everyday I am reminded that this Journey involves the total package.  I am not just a fluffy girl, or a Christian girl, or a 46 year old woman, or a daughter, friend, employee, etc...I am all of those things and ALL of those parts of me require my attention.  I want to DE-FLUFF...YES!!  That is definitely the obvious goal of this Journey.  BUT, I want other areas of my life to grow throughout this Journey.

 I want to honor where I am at in my life and make decisions that best support me being a better human being.  I want to be a better person, a better friend, a better daughter, cousin, niece, etc...I want my life to reflect my Faith in a way that there is no question.  I believe that my primary responsibility is to live by example and trust me, that is not something I consistently have done or do well.  I have a lot of room for growth.  I also believe that in order to grow, I have to make room for that growth.  I have to take responsibility for maintaining my emotional and spiritual health. I have to let go of the things that keep me from that growth. 

I said this to someone the other day...As my body heart grows.  That has really been my experience.  As I work to improve my physical health and lose the fluff, my capacity to appreciate other parts of my life has grown by leaps and bounds.  Thus the reason why I have been ALL ABOUT THE LOVE lately.  Despite my recent obsession with the "warm and fuzzies", it is has always been challenging for me to share my heart with such a blatant, open way.  Risky! But I have decided it is a risk worth taking! 

I have another vacation day tomorrow...hoping to give myself some space to get through Day 3 without much stress!! 

Ready for Week #26!  MAWA INSPIRED STILL!!!

Proverbs 3:3 3 Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.

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