Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whooah...We are Halfway There...Livin On a Prayer

Hello to all!  Happy Sunday.  We are still in a state of recuperation around here.  Tone Tone was not up for church so we had living room church.  By that I mean, we watched FUMC Houston on TV and stayed in our jammies.  She is taking it easy...trying to let her blood pressure stabilize and getting lots of rest.  These hospital stays typically take it out of her...So rest is has been the order of the day. 

I managed to rest right along with her...I had a rough night..physically.  Just did not sleep well and was REALLY nauseated most of the night.  So I did not exactly jump in to action today.  As crazy as this may sound...I could hardly bring myself to eat anything for a better part of the day.  I finally had my shake at about 2:00 PM.  Not exactly on program..but it was the best I could manage today. 

I decided to take another walk!  Today was so nice. It was a great temperature outside...a little windy...but doable.  Lots of people were out today...I like that! 

Before I went on my walk (2.2 miles today), I listened to the sermon on T.V. that we recorded for Living Room church!  It was about building our lives on a solid foundation...the foundation of God's word.  As I listened, I thought about these words in relation to my Journey.  Specifically, regarding changing the way I eat, my habits around food, my emotional eating, etc...I thought about how I am "building" or "re-building" my life from the ground up...when it comes to food.  I keep saying that this Journey is about so much more than just losing weight...and as I listened today I am aware of the new growth..the new foundation that I am having to learn about as I make this trip. 

My cousin Barbara wrote the following comment to me...I wanted to share it with everyone because it is a wonderful acknowledgment of my experience so far.  Not really anything of my doing...but of the gift of God's Guidance and Grace on this Journey.  I told you guys I have a wonderfully supportive and strong family...I am so blessed!  I am proud of my family.

I know this Journey Started out as a goal to lose weight and better health, but as I read each day, it's clear that it is also a spiritual walk, leaning on God for strength to meet the goal each and every day. I truly think it's caused you to know yourself better. Your a strong person. I am very proud of you. Barb.
So...this is the 6 month anniversary of the start of this Journey...The Halfway Point...and the only thing in my head right now is Bon Jovi...

Whooah, we're half way there
Livin on a prayer
Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear
Livin on a prayer

If you have told me that someday I would say out print...that a Bon Jovi song lyric would be the perfect soundtrack for my life...I would have laughed my butt off...Instead...It IS the perfect soundtrack for this moment in my Life and I AM laughing my butt off...hopefully.
But really..I don't think there are better words...We ARE halfway there and I AM Living on a Prayer...ok, I am living on multiple prayers...but prayers nonetheless. 
I must admit that the time has flown by...I am thrilled that I have made it this far and I am horrified that I only have 6 months left to meet my goal.  However, I will keep praying, keep believing that this Journey is Divinely driven and I will keep looking for inspiration, keep hanging on to the inspiration that got me started and trust that God has got my back! 
I am AMAZED at this experience so far...Amazed at the support I have received, the people I have met, the love I have been shown, the gifts I have received and challenges I have overcome.  All in 6 MONTHS!  Wow...As always I thank all of you for your contributions, the time you have taken to read the daily mutterings of a Fluffy Girl, the words you have shared with me and the wisdom you have shared. 
To all of my family...thank you for taking this to heart and believing in me.
To my friends...old and new...God Bless your patience and your willingness to join in on this Journey.   
To Kerri Walsh Jennings...thank you for tolerating my weekly tweets, for taking an interest and making me feel quite special because I have 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist in my corner!  Sweet!
I have had so many "God Moments" in the last 6 months...I could not even begin to count them all. 
BRING on the next 6 months...There is more de-fluffing to be done!!! 

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  1. Exerpt from one of your earliest posts "My miracle where near 4 minutes, or 10 or 20...but a mile nonetheless!" Now 2.2 miles. What a difference a few months make! Keep up the good work! We're cheering you on! Cousin Steven