Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Wait Quietly

Hello to all. I hope you have all had a good Saturday.  It has  been a quiet day around here. 
I think the last few days took it out of me a bit.  I am so grateful that I have had the energy to do all that needed to be done...and today I am tired. 

Mom is recuperating and I guess in a way, I am too! 

I did manage to get in a decent walk tonight...though it was rather chilly outside.  I enjoyed the crisp air....head clearing!

So today...another lesson in being Still....not really easy, but necessary.  It always feels like a struggle to just BE! I am not always comfortable in my own skin...that is kind of hard to admit.  Thus, the concept of being Still...being OK with stopping all of the activity and just allowing myself to stop.  I think I discuss this as much as I discuss losing weight.  I really believe that they go hand in hand.  I believe that as I continue on this Journey...I will have to learn how to be comfortable in my own skin and the stressors that impact my eating behaviors will subside.  That will take some serious Faith and some practice on my part.  I will keep practicing...being Still and trusting my gut.  Trusting God's plan. Listening and Learning. I wait Quietly!

The cleanse continues-Day 8...I have been hungry today...but I am managing.  20 days to go!!!  I plan on kickin butt!   Still Inspired and Still Motivated! MAWA!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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