Friday, February 15, 2013

Weigh IN #26-Prayerfully Prioritizing

Happy Friday and Happy Weigh In #26.  TGIF!  Tone Tone got to come home.  She is tired and needs to rest in her own bed...but is doing much better.  Thank you all for your prayers, calls and well wishes.  She is beyond glad to be home and we are both grateful for the support.

So Weigh In #26 was a big success!  I lost 4lbs this week so it looks like the "cleanse" is paying off.  I made it through week has had its challenges but generally was doable.  Three more weeks to go...weeks 2 and 3 are generally the same just with different supplements while week #4 will see the introduction of healthy carbs and healthy fats back into my diet.  I am glad I am doing is an interesting experience and I am curious to see how my food decisions change after one month on this plan. 

So this week has been challenging.  I am glad that Mom is home and am I looking forward to getting back on my workout schedule. I have taken the last couple of days off...just needed to focus on other things.  I am truly learning that I cannot do everything.  I have to prayerfully prioritize and trust that the decisions I make are the best for that day and then just move on!  Prayerfully Prioritize...that is not always how I approach my priorities...but I am learning that it helps me feel more comfortable with my decisions.

I have now lost feels good to be in the 40+lbs lost category!  Though I am still off pace...I feel so much closer this week.  I guess it is just starting to really feel like this is happening...I am losing this Fluff!!!  So Bring on Week #27! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...filled with lots of fun, healthy living and lots and lots of LOVE!!! 

Thank you again for supporting me and for taking time out of your lives to read my words...Any feedback, comments, observations are always welcome. 

Also, as I approach the 6 month mark in this Journey...It would be really great if you could share this blog with your friends, family...anywhere.  I would really like to raise awareness and gather more of a following in hopes that I have the opportunity to host a successful Charity Volleyball Game on August 17, 2013.  As the event draws closer, I will share more details.  If any of you have any suggestions, comments, etc...regarding the charity event...I am OPEN for suggestions! 

Reminder:  I can be contacted directly at

Again, much love to all of you! 


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  1. I know this Journey Started out as a goal to lose weight and better health, but as I read each day, it's clear that it is also a spiritual walk, leaning on God for strength to meet the goal each and every day. I truly think it's caused you to know yourself better. Your a strong person. I am very proud of you. Barb.