Thursday, February 7, 2013


It's Thursday...My FRIDAY!!! YAY!  I am taking Friday and Monday shortly I will on the happy bus to a 4-day weekend. 

Since I will not be in the office tomorrow, we all went to lunch today to celebrate my Day O Birth AND I ended up with 2 DESSERTS...However, I did not actually eat both!!!  My sweet friend Lindsey made her fabulous Lemon cake for I chose to eat that instead of the restaurant dessert.  Tone Tone will be getting that (AND) a piece of the office cake. 

So tomorrow I will be 46 years old and in much better health than I was in last year at this time.  Nothing wrong with that!!! 
Since I am not working tomorrow...the day will be filled with fun things capped off with dinner and a movie (Identity Thief)!  I am looking forward to the day and the 4-day weekend. 
Of course, for those of you following along most likely already know that the big 28 day cleanse starts Saturday.  I am going grocery shopping tonight and will be ready on Saturday!!!!  I am hoping that these next 28 days wake up this tired old metabolism of mine and help me finish off the last half of the Journey...
I can't believe it...but Feb 17th will be the HALFWAY point on this Journey!!!!  I may need an extension!!!!  Do I have to file paperwork for that????

Despite the fact that I am not exactly "on track", the changes in the way I feel, how my clothes fit and of course, the immeasurable amount of LOVE and support I have received have made this Journey quite remarkable so far. 

I am looking forward to the "rest" of the Journey.  I do hope you will continue you on with me!!!

Before I is a list of a few other people who were born on Feb 8th as well!!! Just for fun!

  • John Grisham-Author
  • John Williams-Composer
  • Mary Steenburgen-Actress
  • Jack Lemmon-Actor
  • Lana Turner-Actress
  • Jules Verne-Author
  • James Dean-Actor
  • Alonzo Mourning-NBA Pro
  • Ted Koppel-Newscaster

  • Kathy Heagy Mizell-Esteemed Humble High School Alumni and Former Humble Wildcat Twirler -Graduate of Southwest Texas State-Go Bobcats! Wife, Mother and of course,  Friend of the Fluffy Girl!!!! 

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  1. HAPPY B-day "J" ya, A.C.