Friday, February 8, 2013

Birthday Weigh In

Happy Friday...or early Saturday morning as it were!  It has been a great Birthday and a successful Weigh In #25!  Lost 2lbs this week...Woo Hoo!!! I was quite happy to go into week 26 and the 1st week of the cleanse down 2 more pounds!  Nice!

So I did not work today which was also NICE!  I spent the day doing just what I wanted to do. When I got home last night...My sweet, sweet Mom had decorated the house with signs, decorations!  She had presents on the table and everything was so sweet! 

She made me breakfast this morning and then I headed to spend a couple of hours with someone who is very special to me and who never fails to make me smile and warm my heart.  After that, I headed  home and Mom had beautiful flowers for me and my birthday "cake" was my favorite...a pumpkin muffin top from Panera Bread-complete with candles!

I decided I wanted to get all of the fresh veggies, fruits, etc...that I will need to start this cleanse we got that done!   Headed home...where I became engrossed in all of my Facebook birthday messages, texts, emails, I even got a message from Kerri Walsh!  Wow...everyone was so phone was "blowin up" as the youngsters say!!!  LOL!  I got calls from family, friends...Emily sang a song over the phone...Happy Birthday to You....You're One Hundred and Two...You Look Like a Monkey and You Smell Like One TOO...So touching!!! :)

I got to talk to my lifelong friend Amy (in MO)...AND  I spent the evening with Donna and Mom...a girl's only birthday party.  I devoured a steak...had a drink and even had a bit of dessert!  We went to see Identity Thief (with Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman) freakin funny...certainly off-color but really hilarious! 

So it is 1:15 AM and I am feeling every bit of 46!  This girl is tired.  I do have a few pics to share...but that will be for tomorrow.  I also have some other birthday details to share.  Just am gonna leave all of that for tomorrow. 

But let me say this...I have some amazing friends and family.  I had a truly great day!  I am truly excited about this next year.  I can't imagine all the blessings that God has in store.!

Thank you all for your love and support.  Thanks for being gifts EVERYDAY! 

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