Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Kale Fail

Good late evening to everyone.  I have had a busy day...not bad though.  Back to work, working out and Day 4 of the cleanse.  So far, so good. 

Don't get too comfortable though...I have found something I can whine about...the one thing about food that I don't like...COOKING it! (or even preparing it)...It is true...the Fluffy Girl loves to eat but hates to cook...OK hate may be too strong but I really only enjoy cooking a few things and only when the Moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter Aligns with Mars...just before the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!!!  In other words, occasionally! 

So I am spending a ton of time chopping, measuring, blending, cooking, cleaning and then after all of that...I get to eat!  Good Lord People...I have figured out how to lose weight finally...because after all of the chopping, measuring, blending, cooking and cleaning...I am too damn tired to eat!  I need people...cooking people, cleaning people...unfortunately, I can only afford myself!  I work cheap! 

So...I am trying to "embrace my inner chef"...LOL!  Not really...I am just trying to stick to my commitment to myself to do this for the promise of a healthier me!  That IS my motivation.  My inner chef is way in the back of the line behind all of my other "inner selves"  Take a number!!! 

I will say this...I have only had one total cooking "fail"..Kale Chips...or as I refer to it "The Kale Fail"...This is one of those moments where my Inner Fluffy Girl (first in line) wants to rear her ugly head and say...There should only be 2 kinds of chip...a potato chip and a Chocolate Chip!!!  HA!

Most of the other recipes I have tried have been pretty good.  Nothing Food Network worthy..but not bad! 

After work, I came  home to check on Mom (who is battling Diverticulitis) and eat a snack before taking a 2 mile walk.  Donna joined me on the walk...which is good!  It gives us some catch up time and I enjoyed the company!  It was a nice, crisp, chilly evening...also good for walking! 

Now I am back at home...having cooked and sufficiently dined...now I am ready to relax.

Day 5 is in view and I am ready!!

Before I go...please say prayers for my Mom...that she feels better! Also, I have a few folks in my life who are battling breast cancer and given that I believe in the remarkable power of prayer, I hope you can find a few moments to pray for each of them (Eva and Randa).

Lots of moments to be grateful for:

More unexpected Will Power
Unexpected Strength
The Joy of a New Friend
The Comfort of an Old Friend

This is an Amazing Journey and despite the fact that parts of this Journey are scary and a little overwhelming...I can't wait to see what happens next. 

 Live authentically,
and savor each previous moment
of your journey,
because the moment you arrive
at a destination,
another journey begins.
Joe Keane

“Don’t worry that you’re not
strong enough before you begin.
It is in the journey
that God makes you strong.”

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