Monday, February 25, 2013

It Takes a Village to Heal a Fluffy Girl

It is Monday...Yep...and I have had a difficult time waking up today!  Sleepy Monday!  I am not too sure why...I guess I did not get enough ZZZZ's last night.  So....I am hoping to workout after work and get to bed early. 

After writing about Healing last night...I realized that I have a little more to say on the The Healing Continues. 

As part of the sermon yesterday, our minister, Godfrey Hubert, discussed a story from the Bible...a story that I am familiar with..the story of 4 friends of a paralyzed man who carry him on a stretcher to the home of Peter where Jesus is teaching in Capernaum.  When they arrive, the crowds are so thick that they cannot reach the only entrance to the home and thus cannot ask Jesus to heal their friend.  However they are determined...So they carry the man to the roof of the home (I am guessing a roof made of sod) and they begin to dig a hole in the roof so that they can lower the man before Jesus and asked that he may be healed.  When Jesus sees the Faith of the 4 friends...he heals the man.  (Mark 2: 1-12)

Now that is an abbreviated version of the story...but after Godfrey finished reading the story, he asked the following question..."Who are your stretcher bearers...and whose stretcher do you carry?"

The question really struck me!  Of course, I have almost literally had to have stretcher bearers in my life!!  As I have said in the past couple of posts...given my historically lousy health...I have needed lots of help and have received that help many times in recent years.  I can tell you that without that help, I would not being taking on this challenge.  My "stretcher bearers" have carried this Fluffy Girl long distances and God Bless them...I am sure they feel like they have hoisted me up on many a roof!!! 

However, I began to specifically think of this Journey and how many "stretcher bearers" I have now...I began to really think about the number of people who have written a comment, sent a text or an email, given me a hug, or have shown any number of gestures of love and generosity...I realized that I have an entire team of "stretcher bearers" who daily carry me to my healing! 

This made me realize that I am surrounded by people who are actively supporting my healing...and because this Journey has become a truly spiritual Journey for me as well...I realized that I am being carried daily to Christ by my family, friends, co-workers and strangers alike.  Really quite amazing and special.

You know the saying...It takes a village to raise a child...Well, I have amended that slightly...

It takes a village to heal a Fluffy Girl...

Thank you for being my stretcher bearers and I will gladly return the favor...I hope I can one day! 

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