Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taking the Time to Heal

Happy Sunday Evening!  I hope you have a wonderful day full of love, happiness, family and worship. 

Today has been a good Sunday...started with Church...then we headed out to Conroe to see our friends, Pat, Stefanie and Kendall...three generations of lovely ladies!!!  We had lunch and they gave me a beautiful birthday gift and we had some good hang-out time! 

It was Tone Tone's first social outing since getting out of the hospital...She was ready to vacate the premises and interact with somebody other than me or the fuzzy white beast that lives with us!  It was a nice day. 

I am managing to remain true to the "cleanse"..though today was a bit of a struggle from a hunger standpoint.  Really, I am baffled and not sure why..but I managed to stay on track and not go off program. 

I am heading into week 3 of the cleanse and I am feeling good!  I have made it this far and am thinking that the next 2 weeks will be no step for a stepper!!!

I find myself thinking about the sermon in church this morning.  It was about Jesus-The Healer!  It made me think about the idea of healing and how true healing typically takes least in my experience.  As most of you know, my Mom was recently released from the hospital.  I took her to a follow-up appointment last Wednesday and the Dr. said that for every day she was in the hospital...she will need 4 days to if my impeccable math skills are correct, that is 12 days of recuperative time needed for a 3 day hospital stay!  That speaks volumes to the idea that healing takes time. 

When I speak of healing, I think of all kinds of healing...healing of the mind, body and spirit.  As I work on this new physical shape...I am acutely aware of the "shape" of my emotional health and my spiritual health...and they are changing...AND I have a lot of healing to do...the past several years have been challenging in so many ways and my hope when I started this Journey was that I would lose a ton of weight and my physical body would begin to heal.  I really did not realize that I would find myself six months down the road and experiencing healing on so many levels! 

Healing takes time and I plan on taking the time needed to Heal!  Despite the challenges...physically, emotionally and spiritually, I am committed to feels so much better than I ever expected!  It is work...and it is worth it! 

So...I am heading into Week #28...Ready and open to whatever it may bring.  I have some things I am looking forward to this week and I continue to know that I am Blessed!!!


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