Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Fluffy Girl and Sprouted Bread

Happy Tuesday!  I hope all is well in your world.  Things are fine here...just pushing through week 3 of "the cleanse"...I am missing carbs though. 

I think I will find it easier to eat like have been eating these last couple of weeks in the long term, if I can throw in a healthy carb or two.  I worked out last night a little more than I have been...and well, it kicked my hind end!  I was really tired and profoundly hungry after my workout last night. 

Tonight, I will be walking again...not sure what kind of pace I will be on given my shins..but they feel much better so I am hoping that a walk will be just fine. 

I can't believe tomorrow will be the middle of week 3!!  Next week I get to add in healthy fats (avocado, almond butter....YUM) and a few carbs (oatmeal, brown rice and "sprouted" bread)...I know even know what the heck sprouted bread is!!!  I had to look it up!!!  I had a vision of a loaf of bread with a shrub growing out of it!!!  But here it is...looks like bread to me!! 

I bet I love it...just because it is bread!!!  Plus, I get to have almond butter...Love it!  Can you tell I am hungry!!!  At least I am not obsessing over pizza or a burger...Wow...have things changed.  I am excited about sprouted bread and almond butter...Holy Toledo!!!

So my co-worker Amanda sent me the below recipe...I think it sounds good...so as soon as I am free to eat carbs again...I will be trying this!  Thought I would share!

Lauren Conrad-No bake-Healthy Cookie Dough bites

So last night I went to Y...and it was packed!!!  Lots of people!!  I still crack myself up...I get to the gym and I become completely grouchy because I have to park so far away from the main entrance...I mean I get cranky!!!  I will workout...but I WILL NOT park more than 25 feet from the entrance of the gym...LOL!!!! What a goof I am!!

Next thing you know...I will be this person (the one in the chair)

Well...I am leaving work...heading home and then taking my walk in the chilly night air!!! 
I am ready for a great rest of the week!!  Bring on Hump Day!!! 
Have a good night!! Jaime

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