Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Turn To Love

Happy Valentine's Day!  Happy Love Day!
So you can imagine...given my love of LOVE, I have a particular fondness for this day that celebrates all things  L-O-V-E!

Unfortunately, my Mom is still in the hospital.  Not a fun day to spend Valentines Day for her...but she did get a cute teddy bear!  I tried to make it a bit festive for her!

She is improving...but her stay in the hospital will continue at least for another day.  Please continue saying prayers.  We need them! 

So as I started to think about my post tonight...I must admit the first thing I thought about was CHOCOLATE! YEP...not Love...but CHOCOLATE!  However...once the reality of my current situation...(my quest to shrink my fluffy frame) hit me as I ate my apple, I turned to LOVE.

I turn to love...I like the sound of that phrase.  I TURN TO LOVE.
I think most people associate Valentine's Day with romantic love-which makes perfect sense. Me too! However...since Matthew McConaughy mistakenly chose another to be his wife...I look at this day slightly differently.

Seriously has seen me through many a tough day, love has been a reason to smile from ear to ear, love sounds like my favorite song, love makes me laugh, love fills my heart completely.  For me, love takes on many forms.  It is a true "one size fits all" kind of thing!  A fluffy girl's dream. 

If I did not know the above before...I certainly do now.  This  JOURNEY has been a lesson in love for me and again it has shown itself in many many different forms.  I am completely blessed to have grown up in a family that was not afraid to love...openly...big huggers! Most importantly, I was taught the importance living in God's Love.

That foundation has helped me to learn that no matter what I do, no matter what obstacles I face, or how much self doubt creeps in, through hurt feelings, important decisions, waning faith, big dreams....that if I Turn To Love...I can do anything!

We Love, because He first loved us.
I John 4:19

Happy LOVE DAY! 


  1. Hi Tone Tone and Jaime....get well Tone Tone. LOVE YOU TWO, CharChar

  2. And I loved your blog today. Tell Toni to get well fast and we love her bunches. Barb.