Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Unexpected Fork

Happy Sunday all...Today was a bit different...instead of our normal church followed by my "Sunday spot" hangout time...Mom and I got up early and headed up to Huntsville State Park, about an hour north of Houston.

Donna took Emily's Girl Scout troop there Fri. for a weekend camping trip.  Mom and I were the Sunday relief team.
Actually, I love going to this particular park.  I have very fond memories of going there as a child..picnics, paddleboats, swimming, camping!  Lots of good memories! 

So this Sunday was spent celebrating Faith in the glorius outdoors!  God's best church! 

I decided to hike the shore of the lake along a 2 mile long marked trail...This was to be my workout for the day AND my contemplative time for the deliberate beginning of the next week of this Journey!

I walked approximately .3 miles when I came to an unexpected fork in the just know...there was no indication on my map that I would be forced to make a "fork" decision!  As I stood looking  at my options, I thought this is a "blog ready" moment.

There have been quite a few "fork" moments in the past 7+ months of my life...lots of moments where I have stood looking at the different paths before me being clueless about which tine of the fork led in the "right" direction. thought was..."Go with your Gut"...Now I think there is some funny irony in that thought...given that my "gut" got me here in the first place AND it is the very thing I am trying to lose!!

But...for me...going with my my attempt to connect with God's voice...His Guidance.

This Journey has been about multiple paths...multiple forks, many choices...some choices...I listened to my gut...others...not so much!

I listened to my gut about taking this Journey...even when my head said it was impossible...I have trusted God's voice through the 1st 50lbs and I have to trust that voice through the next 70+!

I have chosen this fork in the road. I have put myself out there...said things in print..posted my actual weight...shared my real feelings (a lot) ...tried new things...let go of old habits...trusted new people with my old "stuff" and trusted my old friends with all kinds of new "stuff"!
I have a long way to go...and I am betting there will be Forks Galore!

I will pray for guidance...pray for a keen gut...pray that I choose the right "fork" in the road

This weekend was good...plenty of time in God's best Church!

Below is the path I chose today!

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  1. The path you chose today......the picture of peace. A.C.