Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walk the Walk

Well it is Thursday...I am trying to recover from the 2 day migraine...I feel like this is a lost week.  No workout since super charged energy in the last few days...IT is the mind works...7 months ago...I could not have said No workout since Monday...I COULD have said...No workout since Monday...1995!!!

But now...I really am feeling different BECAUSE I have not worked out...The just 7 months...have become a vital part of my daily life.  CRAAAZYYY!!! 

So...despite all of my focus on having Faith and focus on living within that Faith...I really get a little freaked out that I am still so far away from my goal.  I told you guys...I am a slow learner!  I don't want to just talk to the talk...I must be able to walk the walk!!! 

I am definitely flawed when it comes to taking that Faith walk.  I forget so seems.  So, in this Journey...and in this place...I try to hold myself accountable in front of all of you.  My pride could keep me from admitting my fear...but that does not ever seem to work out so well for me.

So...I need to say here...I need to really focus on getting back on track this next week...starting tomorrow.  I need to walk the walk...Though I do love words...if they are not backed up by my actions...they are just that....words...

I think that this Journey has been successful up to this point because..I have been backing up my words with my actions...I have to stay on that path...I can't let all of the stuff I have been experiencing in the last few weeks...even migraines, deter me from my goal. 

This includes planning this event in August.  This is really important to me to see through to completion and it is really important for me to contribute! 

Though I am feeling tired and emotionally drained as of late...I cannot and will not let that define this Journey...So there!!! LOL!

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