Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You Matter

I received this email from a very special person the other day...A person I respect greatly! 

It said in the Subject Line:

You matter

Followed by this:

I believe in the grander scheme, your Journey is significant.

 That is all it said. 

I received this on a day when I was feeling fairly insignificant, a little defeated, and not brimming with other words...Monday!
 I sometimes think that this Journey can't be as important as it least not to anyone else but me!  I am living it...I am emotionally, physically...mind, body and spirit vested in it!!  The truth probably can't be as important.  It is my Journey!  Everyone has their own life and their own Journey...whatever that looks like and however that plays out in the grander scheme.  But after reading the above words...I know...we all matter...all of our "Journeys" are significant. 
I lucky and blessed I am that someone took the time to tell me that! 
The truth is...I have an entire "team" of people that tell me that!  They take the time to tell me that this Journey is important and that it matters...that my Journey matters. 

They tell me and I must learn to Believe it wholly...Live it actively and Share it readily!  There is probably always going to be someone in my periphery that will tell me I don't matter...we all have those people from time to time...but I can't let that one voice drown the voices of all of the others that tell me I do...Especially the voice of God.

So before I is my message for you...all of you!
You Matter
I believe in the grander scheme, your Journey is significant!

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