Saturday, April 27, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Hello...It is seriously late...I am on a girl's weekend in Austin and have totally lost track of time!!!!  So I do apologize for the late hour!  So MY FIERCE HORNETS GIRLS VOLLEYBALLERS WON LAST NIGHT!!!  We won in three sets and the girls did an amazing job!!! 

It was so great to see them come together as a team and comeback from being down a game to win the last two!  Very proud of them! 

Today, I got up around 8:30..packed, gassed up the car and headed to Austin...actually Point Venture on Lake Travis...I love Lake Travis...My Aunt and Uncle lived or had a home here for many years and I loved being at the lake.  With the drought here in Texas...the lake is so low...kinda sad...however, still beautiful!!

So I am here with 4 other ladies...there is something absolutely rejuvenating about being in a room full of laughing women...and we are doing some laughing!  It reminded me that Laughter really is the best medicine. 

The last few weeks have been a challenge...lots of different challenges...continued weight loss challenges, emotional roller coaster challenges, staying motivated, trusting God's Plan...etc...But...spending time with a group of friends...talking, laughing...more laughing....really is a gift! 

I can say that there truly is not anything like laughing with a group of intelligent, kind hearted, feisty, loving women!  I grew up with 2 very strong women with big hearts and sharp minds and I love is comfortable for me.  It is home for me.

Throw in a few cocktails...a good meal (healthy) and we even got in a 2.2 mile walk by the lake..makes for a great evening...If Matthew McConaughy was my would be a perfect night! 

I love to laugh and admittedly, I love to make people laugh...It lifts my spirits and is so freeing...AND if all of those stories I have read about laughing leading to weight loss are correct...those few margaritas I had were burned off before I even sat down to write this post! 

Again, I am reminded how blessed I am...I have great people in my life and I have had the opportunity to meet and be blessed with new, great people as well.  I thank God for those gifts and thank God for the opportunity to continue to share this Journey with so many people. 

Again, I just cannot say it enough...the support, the love and the inspiration I receive from my friends, family, unbelievable and is sustaining me along this Journey! 

So tonight I must thank these women I am with...for their stories, their laughter, their kindness, generosity of spirit and their wisdom and a really great meal and margarita!  Thank you for letting me be the class clown...listening to my sagas and making me feel like my stories have value! 

You all have provided me with yet one more inspirational boost along this Journey!! 

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