Monday, April 29, 2013

Practicing Healthy Habits!

Hello to everyone.  This girl is whipped!  I drove back from Austin today...was home for about for 30 minutes before heading out to Volleyball practice...this was all on about 5 hours sleep!!

But it was worth it!  The weekend was great...our accomodations were fantastic, the company was wonderful, the food was great and the margaritas were yummy! 

Most importantly,  I was given another opportunity to learn from a group of people...a group of funny, wise, women that are all on their own Journey!

God continues to guide this Journey...I continue to be blessed in ways that I know provide all the strength and courage it is going take to complete it!

So back to work tomorrow...back to practicing healthy habits, eating healthy food and growing a healthy Faith!

Good night to all!

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