Saturday, April 13, 2013

Decluttering The Fluff

Hello and Good Saturday evening...Today has been about decluttering...mainly our garage! 

Our church is having a church wide garage sale at the end of April that supports our missions work.  Mom and I decided that we would make an effort to go through some of the MANY boxes of Stuff that we have in our garage and donate or trash as much as possible!  Just so you know...this is not my favorite thing to do...Don't get me wrong...I love donating...I just don't like cleaning! 

But as I was going through all of the stuff...I thought about Decluttering...First...I must say that I really like this a word lover...there is something about Decluttering that just rolls off the tongue....I am partial to saying the word with my best British accent..."Oh my...I spent the Decluttering"  Such a lovely day! (all in British accent) is fun isn't it!!!

Secondly, I began to "think" about Decluttering...beyond the garage!  I guess it feels like I am in a Decluttering mode these days...I am, in a way, Decluttering the Fluff...and all that goes with that! 

My life can get really cluttered..I have a tendency to keep things I don't really need.  Either out of sentimentality, or sheer depends.  When I am overwhelmed...I keep things..sounds odd, but it is true. 
When I first became ill...My Mom and Grandmother came up to school (I was in college)...they knew I had been struggling and we were all baffled..I had not been myself for quite some time and was feeling really horrible.  My Mom and Grandmother decided to surprise me for my birthday...when they arrived, my apartment was a complete mess!!!  They very kindly cleaned and "Decluttered" my apartment...I remember thinking how much lighter I felt after that process...Lighter...that is the word that comes to mind! 

I am trying to Declutter my body and my mind!  I am working to feel LIGHTER....physically, emotionally, every way!  This is my Fight to Light!!! My fight to literally BE lighter...and to my fight to the Light that leads to a better relationship with my God, my family and my friends. 

So despite the less than thrilling hard work in the garage today...I decided it served as a literal decluttering that is just one more step in this process. 

I hope you all have a Blessed, Wonderful Sunday!  Much love to you all! 

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