Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fluffy Girl Hits the Town!

Holy Guacamole..It is late!  I am wiped this will be a short read for all of you tonight! 

I went out with my co-workers tonight...Fluffy Girl hit the town!  One of my co-workers (Claire) is leaving so we all gathered to bid her adieu...With the exception of Claire and another of my co-workers...I am an "elder" in the group!  We Geezers held our own tonight though!  Of course, I behaved largely due to the fact that tomorrow is Weigh In #33.

We laughed a lot!!!  I decided that tonight I was going to take the phrase "laugh my butt off" literally!  You know...I posted early on in this process about how laughter can speed weight loss...if that is the case...I should meet my goal weight in the morning! 

This old girl is done though...AND, I still have to get up and work in the morning...I have a feeling I will be one of the few to actually show up in the morning...The Youngsters may have contracted a 24 hour "virus"!!

I love my Youngsters though!  They do keep me on my toes!!!! 

Ready for tomorrow and certainly ready for the weekend!!!  See you guys tomorrow!!! 

Moving my Feet, Sharing my Heart and Growing my Faith!


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