Friday, April 5, 2013

Keep Becoming....

Happy Friday to ALL!!!  So today is Weigh In #33...and I am 49 and holding!!! truly is so challenging not to get frustrated.  BUT...I do know that stress can lead to weight getting frustrated seems fairly pointless and possible detrimental to the de-fluffing process!!!

I guess I can be grateful that I made it through the Easter holidays without gaining any weight.  I did have a few "cheats" last weekend. 

I sometimes have the expectation that the temptation that food represents will lessen and lessen as this Journey continues!  In some ways it has and to tell the some ways it has not!  I guess like any will always be something that I will have to manage.  I am not thinking that I am going to suddenly become someone who is disinterested in food...but it would be nice if it was not such a hot topic! 

So since I have used this blog as a place to tell my truth about my process, share my experiences and hopefully, shine a little light on the life a fluffy girl trying to de-fluff, I must admit that as this "deadline" looms (August 24th), I am finding myself having to really talk myself down off the panic ledge!!! 

As you all know...I started this blog because I needed accountability and I thought...I may as well go all out!  I knew that the competitive spirit that lives in me would REALLY not want to look like I could not accomplish this goal and that doing this daily would "encourage" me to forge on!  And it has done just that plus so much more!

AND...I have 4 months to lose as much of this fluff (in a healthy way) as possible...that makes me NERVOUS!!  I really do know that my Journey will continue beyond August 24th.  I will Forge On to lose the 120+ pounds...but man, I would really love to lose as much as possible leading up to this Event!  It literally makes me wring my hands!!!! 

BUT!!!  I must focus on staying the course...It is SO easy for me to worry and fret!  Sucks really!!!  But I am willing to prayerfully turn this over to God...Funny...I have a prayer I say when I am completely overwhelmed and without words (yes...that happens :)...I pray the following:

DEAR GOD...This is Jaime! 

That's it!!!!  Just those words...That is my prayer today...He knows what I mean!!! 

A few things before I go...I was sharing with a friend a few points about struggles with self-doubt, vulnerabilities...etc....She said the following and I really loved it...She said "So long as we are always "becoming"...I think the journey is worth it"!  She said "if you stop just stop."

She ended the thought by saying..."Keep Becoming"

I finished that own version of that thought, with the following:

  • Keep Becoming Healthy
  • Keep Becoming Happy
  • Keep Becoming Faithful
  • Keep Becoming Truthful
  • Keep Becoming Loyal
  • Keep Becoming Strong
  • Keep Becoming Confident
  • Keep Becoming Loving
  • Keep Becoming Real
  • Keep Becoming Giving
  • Keep Becoming Better
  • Keep Becoming Skinny :)

My sweet friend Lindsey sent me the following link and I liked the info...thought I would share

I continue to be Blessed along this Journey...Blessed by God's Plan, Blessed by Other People's Wisdom and Knowledge, Blessed with Laughter, Blessed by prayers and Blessed that I God continues to provide for the me the strength to "Keep Becoming" 

Have a wonderful rest of the day! 

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  1. What a great accomplishment, "if we can Keep Becoming"......words to live by.....A.C.