Friday, April 12, 2013

The Big 5-0!

Well...It has happened...I officially hit the 50lb mark.  Fitty Cent!  Half a Hundred...Cincuenta Libras!  The BIG 5-0... Hallelujah!!!

I only lost one pound this week...but it was a big one!!!  So 50lbs down...70lbs to go...

I needed this..I needed something that feels a little milestonish!!!  I continue to struggle this week AND  I AM FORGING ON!! 

Even as I often as I seem to forget this...I do believe that through every challenge in this Journey there are big gifts to get...big lessons to learn and most likely, big challenges yet to come.  I also know this...I have no idea what God has in store for me on the rest of this Journey...for as long as this Journey lasts..Truthfully, that scares me on some level...AND as I have said before...I can be a slow learner...HA!  But..I am catching on and I know that with every bump in the road I have had over past 7 months...something 10X greater happens on the other side! 

I talk a lot about inspiration...Being Inspired and I AM...Inspired first, by two amazing of which has become a very special part of this Journey.  I have been inspired by the amazing support of my family, I have been inspired by the strong women who raised me!  I have been inspired by a circle of wonderful close friends...who love me despite all of my flaws...I have been inspired by a larger network of friends that though I may not see them often...they have seriously stepped up and reached out to me during this Journey...I have been inspired by the teachers in my life, I have been inspired by total strangers that just brushed by me on my Journey but left a lasting impression and I am inspired by the entrance of new friends in my life that I hope will be with me for the long haul. 

Mostly I am inspired by the glorious guidance provided by my Great God! 

I want to give back...I want to BE inspiring and I want to share the inspiration I receive in a way that reminds those around me that despite life's challenges..that with Faith...Success is possible!  Victory is guaranteed. is one of those words that is widely interpreted...different meanings for different people.  Honestly, I am not sure what true success looks like for me...Not completely..not yet.  But I do know this...I am proud of the people in my life...I am proud of my relationships and though it is kinda difficult to write...I am proud of my  Journey...It is mine...It is NOT perfect but It is MINE and I am in relationship with God...

Jonathan Winters died today...for  you youngsters...he was a very funny man!  Did a lot of really funny characters over the years...even played a baby (a full grown baby) in Mork and Mindy (TV Sitcom).  He had this to say about Success!

"I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it."~ Jonathan Winters

I like that...It looks just funny on the outside...but inside the meaning is quite insightful!  

OK ...before I go...Tonight is our 1st Volleyball game of the Spring Season!  We are ready!!!  Wish us Luck!!!

Week #34 DONE...Week #35...Here I come!!!

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