Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Laced with Laughter

HI...I hope all is well in your world.  I am back at work today and feeling a bit tired...all that Girl's Weekend fun, I guess! 

One of the things that I did not discuss yet that I actually love about hanging out with different people...is their stories and the perspectives that go with them.  Though putting 5 women with healthy opinions under one roof for 48+ hours has its risks...if you are brave enough to take the risk...the reward is quite wonderful! 

I can promise you that we did not all walk into that house with the same opinions either and some of us had never met!!!  So hang on to your hats...that is a whole lotta estrogen under one roof! 
But if you listen closely and keep an open mind...there are lessons to be learned, gifts to be shared and Blessings to be had! 

Now in my opinion, none of us are short on things to say and some of us (ME) talk more than others... but we all had something to contribute!  I am speaking strictly on behalf of myself...I found the conversation fascinating...and uncomfortable, and hilarious and heart warming and the list goes on...

I have always loved the dynamics of a group of people...how interactions happen, the exchange of ideas, different cultural backgrounds..where we grew up and who we grew up with definitely have an impact on the experience. 

As I said earlier we discussed a broad range of topics including parenting (yes, I even have an opinion about parenting), faith, cultural issues, food, family, etc...No surprise to any of you I am sure...but we did not all have the exact same opinions or life experiences regarding ANY of these topics...at least, not completely! 

So for those of you that have been following along closely...I truly felt like this was another one of those moments that God had specifically chosen for me...Another moment (or group of moments) that I had the opportunity to connect with people, both old and new, another Divine opportunity for me to tell the truth, to experience other people's courage and truth, to share my heart and my faith to the best of my ability!  It was another moment to consider what I know, what I don't know and how I can improve who I am becoming...AND it was laced with laughter!!! 

Intermingled with all of that...I had multiple opportunities to practice my lifestyle change...I was surrounded by food and drink... and was generally really happy with my decisions.  I must also say that I felt quite supported and that makes facing food challenges a lot easier! 

After struggling for the past couple of weeks with the emotional factors that have arisen from my weight loss Journey...this weekend was a gift and I am thankful that I had the opportunity. 

Here are a few pics:

Before I go, I would like to ask for prayers for my friend and former teacher who lost her husband suddenly yesterday.  May God give her all the strength and courage she will need to get through these next several difficult days. 


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