Friday, April 19, 2013

Trying to Avoid the Re-Fluff

Happy Friday and not so happy Weigh In Day!  I gained 2 dang pounds!  WTH!  Maybe Migraines make me Fluffy! 
Regardless, I am still on this Journey to De-Fluff and do my best to avoid a further Re-Fluff.

My volleyball girls played their hearts out tonight...They lost by 2 points in the 3rd game of the match!  They were heartbroken!  But they played hard!

Given the events of the past week...the tragedy, the loss of life, the extreme violence...I find myself really thinking about how  necessary it is for me to rely on God for strength...for hope and for courage. 
I have intently watched the events unfold on T.V. both in Boston and West, TX and something consistently stands out for me...the need for prayer, for unity...the undeniable need for faith in a loving God...that despite all of the mind numbing pain felt around the world...there is a Love that can conquer anything...a Power that can overcome the worst foe and a Light that can brighten the darkest moment.  I know not everyone believes...but I do...I need to.

I know that despite the insignificance of my Journey in the grander scheme...God still sees every move I make along this Journey...He has a very specific plan for me!


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